Ultimate Werewolf



Once a tranquil haven, your village is now overshadowed by lurking werewolves. Can you and your fellow villagers unveil them before they strike? Dive into Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, the premium party game where every player conceals a covert identity. As a villager, you aim to expose and overcome the werewolves. However, as a werewolf, your sly objective is to mislead others while quietly eliminating them. A moderator is essential to guide the gameplay, ensuring twists and turns at every corner. With an array of unique roles to choose from in each round, the game guarantees boundless variations. Experience a more enriched version than the standard Ultimate Werewolf game with this edition.

Ultimate Werewolf

Extreme Edition includes:

  • 88 role cards
  • Rules and role reference guide
  • Moderator scorepad
  • GameTrayz organizer (fitsexpansion cards)
  • Cardbacks 


In Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, players are plunged into a mysterious village where not everything is as it seems. The primary objective is to navigate through deception, deduction, and strategy to ensure your team’s survival and triumph. While many will find themselves as Villagers, attempting to unmask the lurking Werewolves, others might be blessed or cursed with more exotic roles. From the bloodthirsty Vampires trying to stake their claim, to standalone teams like the elusive Chupacabra, each role adds a unique twist to the game’s dynamics. Every game session promises diverse outcomes and thrilling encounters, much like the unpredictable nature of the village itself. 

For the full rulebook, click here.

ultimatewerewolf back card
ultimatewerewolf auraseer guide


Ultimate Werewolf Extreme plunges players into a world of subterfuge and strategy, suitable for both intimate gatherings and large parties of 5 to 75 players. At least one player is required to be the game’s moderator and have a basic understanding of the roles.

Each participant receives a card that secretly designates their role, a piece of information they must guard diligently. As the game unfolds, players navigate a web of deceptions, potential alliances, and unforeseen betrayals. The game’s allure is especially pronounced in larger groups, where the dynamics become even more unpredictable. Rounds typically span between 30 to 90 minutes, keeping everyone engaged and alert.

At the game’s onset, the mechanics might seem a tad complex, but they soon become second nature. Some roles, with their nuanced gameplay, can present a steeper learning curve. However, every role card includes the role’s ability, and for any lingering questions, a comprehensive rulebook and FAQ are readily available.

ultimatewerewolf doppelganger guide


Final Thoughts

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is a top pick for those new to social deduction games. This edition offers roles that are straightforward, making it ideal for newcomers, yet they’re engaging enough to captivate veteran players. The gameplay is immersive and dynamic, and its design allows for on-the-go teaching, eliminating tedious rule reading sessions. A standout feature is its adaptability; while complete on its own, it’s compatible with roles from other expansions, enhancing variety.

For those passionate about strategy and group interaction, Ultimate Werewolf Extreme is an essential addition. To further enrich your experience, consider diving into the available expansions in the series.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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