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In Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme, the Cursed walks a fine line between friend and foe. As one of the few Team Switcher roles, the Cursed starts on the Villager team but transforms into a Werewolf if targeted for elimination by the Wolf team at night. This unpredictable role can drastically shift the balance of power and keep all players on edge, unsure where the Cursed’s loyalties will ultimately fall.

The Cursed can be found in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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You are on the village team unless you are targeted by the wolves, and then you become a wolf, waking with the wolves each night.


Cursed's Guide

As the Cursed, you have some protection at night since the Werewolves can’t eliminate you, only convert you. This safety net enables bolder gameplay and discussion, as you don’t have to fear nightly elimination to the same degree as a plain Villager. However, exercise some caution – Villagers could still vote to eliminate you during the day and other roles beyond the wolves can eliminate players at night. Here are some Cursed tips:

ultimatewerewolf cursed guide

Be the Plain Villager:

You begin on the Village team, so act in their favor initially. Strive to convince others you’re just a plain Villager before potentially turning Werewolf. If investigated early by the Seer, you’ll be seen as a Villager, giving you an alibi if you later switch teams.

Be Aggressive:

As a Villager, aggressively go after Werewolves, even if it causes them to be voted for elimination. This helps you either way – if you stay a Villager, you’ve identified Wolves, but if you switch teams, your vigor makes you seem innocent. However, take care – pressing Wolves early may make you a night target, so be prepared to change sides if so.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

Moderating the Cursed is straightforward but demands close tracking of their potential team switch – the crux of this role. Mistakes during the team switching can ruin game balance and fun. Here are some tips to help:

The Secret Switch:

Carefully track and monitor the Cursed’s status as moderator. If targeted for elimination by Werewolves at night, the Cursed switches teams to become a Werewolf themselves. Do not announce this change the following day – leave players to deduce it through gameplay.

Reveiw before Confirming:

Before ushering the game into a new day, always review the actions during the night. This proactive approach helps identify any discrepancies, like situations where the Bodyguard may have protected the Cursed, hence preventing a team switch.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The unpredictable role of Cursed adds excitement to Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme through their potential team change, appealing to players who like to play both sides. This Cursed simplicity makes it suitable for all players, and it’s easy to include in most games, even with a -3 game balancer. The Cursed also makes a great substitute for extra Werewolves in smaller games too.

Have you played as the Cursed before? Share your strategies, experiences, and memorable stories as the conflicted Cursed in the comments below! We’d love to hear how this unpredictable role shakes up your games.

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