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Ultimate Werewolf

Rules & FAQ

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Given the diverse roles, items, scenarios, and strategies in Ultimate Werewolf, navigating the rules can sometimes get a tad intricate. To assist, we’ve compiled—and continually refresh—frequently asked questions from both the community and our playtesting sessions.


General FAQ


Q: How many players are required to start a game?

A: The game can accommodate as few as 5 players but is designed to shine with larger groups, accommodating up to 75 players for a dynamic experience.

Q: How long does a typical game last?

A: Depending on the number of players and game dynamics, a round usually spans between 30 to 90 minutes.

Q: Can the Seer openly identify themselves during the day without showing their card?

A: Yes, any player can make claims about their role during the day verbally, but revealing their card is not allowed. They do risk becoming a target!

Q: Does the Dire Wolf have to pick a companion from their own team?

A: No, the Dire Wolf can choose any player as a companion, regardless of teams.

Q: Can the game be played without a moderator?

A: While a game without a moderator is feasible, having one greatly enhances the experience. There’s an app available to aid in moderating, but we haven’t extensively tested it.

Q: What happens if the Werewolves target the Hunter at night?

A: If the Hunter is targeted by Werewolves, they have the opportunity to take one player down with them before exiting the game.

Q: Can players communicate secretly?

A: This is typically at the discretion of the moderator. While open discussions ensure everyone’s involvement, facilitating secret communications can add another layer of strategy but may require more effort to manage effectively.

Q: Can a game end without revealing all werewolves?

A: Yes, the game can conclude if the number of werewolves equals the number of villagers, or if all werewolves are eliminated. Other roles may have specific win conditions that can end the game, such as the Tanner.

Q: How do players communicate votes during the day phase?

A: Typically, players will raise their hands or use provided tokens to vote for someone they suspect is a werewolf.

Q: Can werewolves target each other during the night?

A: No, werewolves identify each other at the start and work together. They do not target fellow werewolves.

Q: What happens if there’s a tie in the votes during the day?

A: The specifics can vary, but generally, if there’s a tie, no one is eliminated that day, or a second vote is held between the tied players.

Q: Can players lie about their roles?

A: Absolutely! Deception is a key component of the game. Players can claim to be any role to further their objectives.

Q: How are roles assigned at the start of the game?

A: Roles are typically assigned randomly using cards. Each player secretly views their assigned role without revealing it to others. However, a Moderator may choose roles for players.





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