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Lone Wolf

Team: Independent


Being a Lone Wolf is not just a saying in Ultimate Werewolf. This werewolf’s only goal is to be the last player standing. As the Lone Wolf, you will wake up with the other Werewolves, but they are unaware you’re not on their team. The Lone Wolf is in an Independent role, which means it’s a risky role,  but it can lead to rewarding gameplay. While challenging, introducing the Lone Wolf to your deck can lead to some of the most hype Ultimate Werewolf game nights.

The Lone Wolf is included in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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Each night, along with the wolves, choose a player to eliminate. You win if you are the last player in the game.


Even though the Lone Wolf is on their own team, they wake with the other wolves each night. The Lone Wolf also wins if only one other non-wolf player remains in the game. The Lone Wolf does not need to be eliminated for the other wolves to win.

Lone Wolf's Guide

Much like the Chupacabra, the Lone Wolf is arguably the most challenging role in the game. You face the toughest challenge – taking down Villagers and fellow Werewolves alike to be the sole survivor. This requires quite a bit of manipulation and luck. Here are some tips to help you play as the apex predator:

ultimatewerewolf lonewolf guide

Villagers are friends, not food (for now):

You can’t eliminate a Werewolf directly. Instead, the Villagers or other roles have to do this for you. With Werewolves as tougher targets, make them a top priority.

Be patient:

Don’t be overly aggressive or you’ll make the Werewolves suspicious. Patiently allow them to make mistakes and highlight affirm the Villager’s suspicions.

Watch your back:

The Werewolves will likely uncover your scheme and try to turn the Villagers on you instead. Hopefully, you’ve built up your trust by then – but watch out for the Seer. She can see that you are a Werewolf, but if there’s a Lycan however, you could spin that to your advantage.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

While playing as the Lone Wolf might be challenging, moderating the role is straightforward. Handle this role like any other Werewolf, but remember its unique win condition. Here are some tips to help moderate this role:

Lone Wolf is a Werewolf

There are a lot of abilities within the deck that target or affect Werewolves. While the Lone Wolf is an independent role, it counts as a Werewolf for abilities and effects.

Stack the Deck (optional):

You can randomly deal the Lone Wolf to a player, but we prefer to hand-pick a player who can truly exploit its manipulative nature.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Lone Wolf holds a special place in our hearts when it comes to Ultimate Werewolf. We’ve seen skilled players manipulate the entire room, yielding unforgettable games. The rarity of such wins is what makes them so rewarding. Due to the difficulty, we suggest seasoned players or social deception veterans try the Lone Wolf.

What are your thoughts or questions about the Lone Wolf? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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