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As implied by the name, the Doppelganger in Ultimate Werewolf gets to copy another player’s role. During the first night, they select their target to copy. If that player is eliminated, the Doppelganger assumes their role. Though starting on the Villager team, the Doppelganger could switch teams depending on the role they duplicate.

The Doppelganger is included in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Edition.

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During the first night, choose a player. When that player is eliminated, you become their role.


Until their target is eliminated, the Doppelganger is on the village team. The moderator indicates to the Doppelganger what their new role is by secretly tapping them on the shoulder at night once their target is eliminated and shows the new role to them. If the Doppelganger’s target requires first night setup, or if the target has used up their ability (such as the Witch), the Doppelganger does not get to use the ability of the eliminated player.

Doppelganger's Guide

Playing as the Doppelganger, you’ll act as a plain Villager initially. Once you gain a new role, you must swiftly adapt and leverage your new powers, with some caveats. The abilities that state only usable once per game, such as the Troublemaker’s or Huntress’s, can’t be reused. Nor can you redo first-night-only powers like the Mason’s or Beholder’s ability. Given these limitations, here are some Doppelganger tips:

ultimatewerewolf doppelganger guide

Choose Your Destiny:

Choose a player likely to be eliminated or one the Moderator may give an intriguing role. For now, you can only make an educated guess or select at random.

Law Low:

Until your target is eliminated, draw no suspicion from Wolves or Villagers. Survival is priority one and you don’t want to benefit one team over the other, as your own allegiance could change.

Strike or Standby:

As the game progresses, there may be hints of your target’s team allegiance. While you can’t directly eliminate a player, you can influence others to do so with their abilities or voting powers. If your target is likely a villager, there is no real in-game benefit of their elimination. You are better served as a backup for their role if they have an untimely elimination. If they are on the opposing team, then actively pushing for the elimination will give you a great alibi for when you assume their role.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

Managing the Doppelganger role needs a mix of strategy and adaptability. Moderators should understand both the Doppelganger’s abilities and those of their target. Here are tips for a smooth game with the Doppelganger:


Always note the Doppelganger’s targeted player and anticipate their elimination. You will want the Doppelganger to immediately assume this role. 

Be mindful of the abilities:

Be aware that if the target has a once-per-game or first-night ability, the Doppelganger can’t reuse those abilities. However, abilities like those of the Hunter and Diseased, which activate upon elimination, can be reactivated by the Doppelganger upon their own elimination.

Be Discreet:

Keeping the Doppelganger identity and actions are key to their gameplay, so as a Moderator, you need to do your part. Only verbally wake the Doppelganger on the first night; tap their shoulder to wake them on subsequent nights. Keep your physical movements constant while talking and hand the Doppelganger, their new role card. 

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Doppelganger throws curveballs into your Ultimate Werewolf game by transforming into a new role.  While their ability is straightforward, the transformation to a new role can get complicated for both the Doppelganger and Moderator. This role is best for veterans familiar with diverse roles or who can easily adapt. Even though the Doppelganger can be a complicated role, it is a fun addition to include and one we highly recommend.

What are your thoughts on the Doppelganger role? Share your crazy stories or questions in the comments below.

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