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Cupid, the mythical messenger of love, can really tie the knot in Ultimate Werewolf. Cupid has the ability to connect two players so if one is eliminated, they both are. The linked players become aware of the bond and each other’s identity. This can lead to new team dynamics and potentially form a new team entirely.

Cupid is a special role available in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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During the first night, choose 2 players to be linked. If one is eliminated, the other is eliminated immediately.


Cupid may point at themselves. During the first night, the moderator taps Cupid’s targets so they can see who each other are. If the 2 players are on different teams, they become their own team and only win if they are the last 2 players in the game. However, if 1 of the 2 players is a villager and the other is on the wolf team but not a wolf, then both players join the village team. This overrides other winning conditions of those players.

Cupid's Guide

As Cupid, you have two main strategy options: randomly choose targets to stir things up or link yourself to another player for more control. We recommend targeting yourself with someone else. This links your fate but gives you an ally. With that in mind, here is a guide between your two choices:

ultimatewerewolf cupid guide

Pick a Mate:

Since you don’t know roles ahead of time, pick someone experienced at the game or that you work well with. Plus, you will get to know the other player’s role and utilize their abilities if they have any.

Select Random Targets:

Though less strategic upfront, this allows you to gain information. You do not know the roles of your two targets, but likely they will be on the villager team. Still, keep a close eye on them and their votes to reveal whose team they are truly on.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

Managing Cupid can be simple or complex depending on the targeted players. First, wake Cupid to select targets, then wake the targeted players.  During this time of exchange, explain all the potential new team dynamics out loud so everyone comprehends all the possibilities. Here is a clear explanation of the possible team outcomes:

Cupid is one of the more complicated roles with the ability to form new team alliances and overwrite a player’s win condition. Here are some tips that you will want to keep in mind with Cupid around:

Wake Order:

Begin by waking Cupid to determine their chosen players, then wake these targets after Cupid is asleep. You can wake these targets by tapping them on the shoulder. While rules do not explicitly state to do so, it’s best to have the targets reveal roles to understand their new team alignment. 


While the targets are learning each other’s identity, vocally detail the potential team ramifications so all players understand. Here are the possible scenarios:

  • If both targets are Villagers, they remain on that team.
  • If one is a Villager and one is a non-Wolf role on the Wolf team (like Sorceress or Minion), both join the Village team.
  • If targets are from separate teams (e.g. Vampire & Tanner, or Cupid & Werewolf), they form a new team.

New Win Condtions:

You also need to be aware of the changes in the win conditions. If the linked players join the Village team, they adopt the Villagers’ victory goal. If a new team forms, their win conditions become being the last players standing.

Win Conditions vs Abilities:

Abilities stay the same, just win conditions shift.

For example, the Tanner has no ability, only the goal of being eliminated
. Cupid overrides this goal, making the Tanner’s new objective to eliminate everyone but their new partner.

Similarly, the Lone Wolf retains their night elimination power if linked by Cupid, but but their solo win condition changes to being the final two with their Cupid partner.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

Don’t let Cupid’s complexities deter you from including this entertaining role. Don’t let Cupid’s complexities deter you from including this entertaining role. We recommend an experienced moderator who understands the roles. However, at the end of the day, the moderator’s primary job is to ensure the game is fun for the players, even if you have to bend some rules.

Have you played as Cupid before? Let us know any questions below so we can expand our FAQ.

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