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The Dire Wolf plays like a plain Werewolf in Ultimate Werewolf but has one major drawback – their fate is tied to another player.  During the first night, the Dire Wolf selects a player to be their companion. If that player is eliminated at any point, the Dire Wolf is immediately eliminated as well. The chosen player remains unaware of the link and is unaffected if the Dire Wolf is eliminated. This unpredictable dependency on another adds risk and complexity for the wolf player.

The Dire Wolf is a part of the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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Each night, along with the wolves, choose a player to eliminate. During the first night, choose a player to be your companion. You are eliminated if the player is eliminated.


The moderator should note the name of the chosen player next to the Dire Wolf on the scorepad to make it easier to track. If the Dire Wolf is eliminated, the chosen player is not affected. If the Dire Wolf is the last wolf left in the game, they are no longer affected by the chosen player’s elimination.

Dire Wolf's Guide

Playing as the Dire Wolf poses unique challenges and opportunities in Ultimate Werewolf. Despite the disadvantage of linking your fate to another, this role lets you experience being both predator and protector. Here are some survival tips for the Dire Wolf:

ultimatewerewolf direwolf guide

Pick Your Partner-in-Crime:

Consider choosing players who keep a low profile or are skilled at self-preservation.

Close, but Not Too Close:

As a Werewolf, it’s hard to hide your true nature. Keeping some distance from your companion can be safer to help them avoid suspicion by others.

Keep the Nosy Wolves Guessing:

The other Werewolves are not aware of your companion. Discreetly sharing that information could help, but an easier tactic is steering them away from targeting your companion at night.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

The Dire Wolf forms a bond with another player, and this connection has its consequences. Here’s what you need to remember while moderating the Dire Wolf:


The Dire Wolf selects a companion during the game. Always keep a note of this linked player, for if they are eliminated, so is the Dire Wolf.


Remember this dependency only goes one way – the Dire Wolf’s elimination does not impact the companion.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Dire Wolf is a great way to increase threats against the Village without packing the full bite (pun intended) of a plain Werewolf. Their dependency on another player makes them more vulnerable. Veteran players may enjoy the challenge of protecting their companion, effectively adding a hard mode to their Werewolf role.

Have you played as the Dire Wolf? Share your experiences, strategies, and insights in the comments below!

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