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In Ultimate Werewolf, the village heavily relies on the Seer. This is where the Apprentice Seer comes in. You act as the backup for the Seer and take over their role once they are eliminated. However, you are much more than that. You can begin investigating players from the onset of the game but without immediate knowledge of the results. If you do become the seer all your prior investigations are revealed to you!

The Apprentice Seer is included in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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If the Seer is eliminated, you become the Seer, waking each night to learn if a player is a wolf or not.


The Apprentice Seer wakes each night and is asked to look for wolves, but doesn’t view any results until the Seer has been eliminated.

Apprentice Seer's Guide

As the Apprentice Seer, your survival strategy will closely mirror that of the Seer. Initially, you won’t usually be a primary target for the werewolves as they have no way to easily identify you as a seer-like role. One advantage the Apprentice Seer has is the potential mass influx of knowledge from prior investigations that will be revealed to you upon achieving the rank of Seer.

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Target the less suspected:

The Seer should be doing their work in targeting players likely to be a werewolf, but sometimes the quiet individuals are those lurking about at night. Those might be a good target for you to investigate, even if it’s to determine who is a friend.

All or Nothing:

If you do become the Seer and the results of your previous investigations show that there are multiple wolves still within play, then it may be worth revealing your information to the group. You may be eliminated, but the Wolves will likely face a lot of scrutiny and hopefully result in elimination. Teaming up with the Bodyguard, Priest, or Witch may help!

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

Despite the simplicity of the role, the Apprentice Seer is a trickier one for the moderator to manage. In fact, if possible, having two moderators could be beneficial here, especially for tip 2. Here are some quick tips to follow:


The rules state the the Apprentice Seer replaces the Seer, but a single game can have multiple Seers. Choose how you plan to handle this before the game starts. Generally picking a single Seer for them to replace keeps the game more balance, but you may choose to replace any Seer.


Tell the Apprentice Seer upfront that they won’t know the results of their investigations until the Seer is eliminated. This prevents any confusion about the role.


Keep the Apprentice Seer’s investigation notes on a notecard. A notecard is  a lot quieter than a piece of paper. This will become their log that they can view during the nights. 


After the Apprentice Seer becomes the Seer, keep calling them to wake up at night. This keeps the transition a secret. If they do wake up, just send them back to sleep and make sure they wake during the actual Seer phase.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Apprentice Seer can be a huge lifesaver for the Villager team and quickly turn the tide back in their favor. That’s why we recommend the Apprentice Seer for larger groups with multiple werewolves and other villager threats. The Apprentice Seer also can be a more complicated role for a player, since if they become the Seer they can potentially have a mass influx of information to quickly sort within their head. That’s why we recommend this role to more experienced players if possible but more importantly in groups that contain two or more moderators.

What’s your strategy as the Apprentice Seer? We would love to hear your questions, thoughts, or comments about this role in the comments below!

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