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Forgetting your role in Ultimate Werewolf isn’t a good thing, except when you’re the Drunk. In this role, the player is unaware of their identity or abilities until the third night, when sobriety hits and they suddenly remember their actual role. As one of the few team-switching roles, the Drunk may discover they are on a different team than originally thought once their memory returns. This unpredictable role reversal makes the Drunk an entertaining wildcard that keeps players guessing.

The Drunk chugs his way into the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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You are a Villager until the 3rd night, when you sober up and learn your real role.


The moderator chooses a secret role for the Drunk at the beginning of the game. On the 3rd night, the moderator wakes the Drunk and shows that player their real role. The Seer always sees the Drunk’s real role.

Drunk's Guide

As a Drunk, your game starts under the guise of a plain Villager with no special abilities or knowledge of your true role. On the third night, you sober up and uncover your true role, assigned to you by the moderator. Here are some tips to play as the Drunk:

ultimatewerewolf drunk guide

Role Reversal:

The Drunk is chosen for the excitement of a team switch. Be ready to become a Werewolf or independent role after the third night, as this is likely the moderator’s choice.

Hidden Hangover:

Do not claim to be the Drunk. You will be seen as a liability. Stay discreet to avoid suspicion. Keep in mind the Seer could detect you as a Werewolf before even you are aware of the role.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

When moderating the Drunk role, your task is to carefully select a secret role for them before the game begins and discreetly reveal it on the third night.  Here some tips to help manage the Drunk:

Avoid First Night Abilities:

While the Drunk can assume roles like the Hoodlum or Doppelganger, they will miss the opportunity to use those abilities. 

Assign Simple Roles:

Consider using simple roles for the Drunk. This makes the transition easier to manage. However Dynamic roles, can shake the game up and make things more interesting for the players.

Always wake the true role:

Always wake up the new role. Even if the role has not been used yet, be sure to wake this role from the beginning of the game. Failure to do so could easily let players learn who the Drunk truly is.

Discreet Reveal:

Players during the night are listening for the Moderator’s position or their neighbor’s movements. Walk around to throw off the player’s perception of what is going on when you wake the Drunk.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Drunk is a classic Ultimate Werewolf role that’s always fun to include. This role is best for moderate to advanced players. The more game knowledge the player has, the more creative the moderator can get with the Drunk’s hidden identity.

What are your experiences playing the unpredictable Drunk? Feel free to share your stories, strategies, or questions on this wildly entertaining role in the comments below!

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