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In Ultimate Werewolf, the Hunter role always gets the last laugh. The Hunter appears as a plain Villager, but this role is packing a powerful weapon. The Hunter can eliminate any other player as a final act of vengeance. This threat causes other players to tread cautiously around anyone who claims the Hunter role. So, think twice before crossing the Hunter; they won’t go down without a fight.

The Hunter is found trigger-happy within the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Edition.

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If you are eliminated, you may immediately eliminate another player.


If the Hunter is eliminated at night, the Hunter is told they are eliminated the next morning, at which time they may eliminate any other player. No one may talk until the Hunter makes their decision. If using more than 1 Hunter, don’t tell the players how many Hunters are in the game.

Hunter's Guide

During gameplay, the Hunter acts no differently than the other Villagers. During gameplay, the Hunter acts no differently than the other Villagers. However, having the ability to eliminate a player upon your own elimination can inspire some bold strategies. Here are a few Hunter tips:

ultimatewerewolf hunter guide

The Bold Avenger:

Don’t hesitate to loudly proclaim yourself as the Hunter when suspicions arise. Though you can’t prove your role, boldly threatening reprisal acts as an effective deterrent. The only caveat is that the Moderator might include multiple Hunters, and others can mimic your strategy, whether they are truthful about it or not.

The Discreet Guardian:

Another strategy is to keep a low profile and avoid drawing attention. Quietly analyze conversations and social dynamics for clues about potential Werewolves. If eliminated, use your insights to eliminate a threat to the Villager team.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

As the Moderator, managing the Hunter role is straightforward. When the Hunter is eliminated, provide them the opportunity to use their special ability and take down another player. However here are a few things to keep in mind:

Keep players silent:

When the Hunter is using their ability, try to keep the players quiet to prevent influencing their decision. Maintaining silence during this time is an official rule, so you can remind players of that.

Dont reveal how many Hunters:

Do not confirm to the group how many Hunters are actually present in the game. This is an official rule as well. Keeping this information secret allows for bluffing and detective work

Remember Save Mechanics:

Be mindful of potential save mechanics from roles like the Bodyguard, Priest, or Witch. If the Hunter is targeted for elimination but is saved by one of these roles, the Hunter’s ability to retaliate won’t activate.

Consider Newer Players:

The Hunter’s straightforward playstyle makes it an ideal role for newer players. If roles aren’t randomly assigned, consider giving the Hunter role to a player who is less familiar with the game to help them ease into the dynamics.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Hunter role in Ultimate Werewolf is a blast. The game includes six Hunters that can be added to your deck for some unpredictable showdowns. We enjoy including as many specialized roles as possible beyond a plain villager, and this is one that’s easy to integrate and simple for all players to use.

Have you given the Hunter a shot yet?  Which playstyle did you adopt: the bold avenger or the discreet guardian? Share your experiences, strategies, and insights in the comments below! Your input can help future players understand and enjoy this multifaceted role.

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