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While not the most pleasant sounding of the roles, the Diseased packs a powerful disruptive punch in Ultimate Werewolf. If eliminated by the Werewolves, the Diseased makes the Wolves sick, halting their elimination powers the following night. Though this ability only triggers when eliminated, it enables the opportunity for bold gameplay by the Diseased. Additionally, the Diseased’s role is one of the few that gets revealed, but only by the moderator upon their ability activation.

Unveil the fascinating role of the Diseased in Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme Edition.

ultimatewerewolf diseased card


If you are eliminated by wolves, they don’t get to eliminate anyone during the next night.


The wolves are told the morning after they have eliminated the Diseased that they aren’t feeling well and won’t be able to target anyone the following night.

Diseased's Guide

As the Diseased, your special ability only activates after being eliminated by Werewolves, so your gameplay will mimic that of a plain Villager. However, you have a potent disruptive power that Wolves will want to steer clear of. You can leverage this infectious threat to your advantage. Here are some tips for making the most of the Diseased role:

ultimatewerewolf diseased guide

Dare to Declare:

Boldly claim you’re the Diseased, without revealing your card. Wolves can’t prove you’re bluffing and will avoid targeting you. Use this brazen attitude to actively pursue real threats to the Villagers.

Beware of Imitators:

Since your power only works after elimination, Werewolves could easily and falsely claim to be Diseased. Be ready to argue and defend yourself as the real deal.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

As the Moderator, navigating the Diseased role comes with its own set of unique challenges. The Diseased possesses a potent disruption, which activates under specific conditions. To manage this role effectively, consider these tips:


The Diseased’s ability activates only when eliminated by Werewolves. Should they meet their end through other means, nothing happens. Be sure to make note of how the Diseased gets eliminated.

Reveal what happened:

The rules say to reveal the Diseased was eliminated, even in no-reveal games, and inform the Werewolves they are blocked the next night. However, use your discretion on this ruling. Decide whether sticking to this rule or keeping the secrecy of the night aligns better with your game’s flow.


Even though the Lone Wolf is an independent role, they are classified as a Werewolf. This means if the Lone Wolf is the last remaining Wolf and eliminates the Diseased, their infectious ability will still activate.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Diseased is an easy yet impactful role to include, providing more influence in the game than a plain Villager. This role’s ability acts as a deterrent that both experienced and new players alike can utilize, so a random assignment of the role would cause no issues. 

Share your thoughts and experiences playing this infectious role! Let us know in the comments how you leveraged the Diseased’s disruptive power to hinder the Werewolves.

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