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Imagine being a Werewolf at night planning to eliminate a player, only to find that the player is alive and well during the next day. That’s what can make the Bodyguard the ultimate defense for the Village team. Each night the Bodyguard wakes to protect another player from elimination. This saves them from all forms of elimination that night, but unfortunately, they cannot defend themselves.

The Bodyguard role is included in the Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme edition.

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Each night, choose a player who cannot be eliminated that night.


The Bodyguard may not protect the same player twice in a row, and may not choose themselves.

Bodyguard's Guide

As the Bodyguard, your obvious mission is to protect those allies you trust, but there are some clever ways to utilize your ability.

ultimatewerewolf bodyguard guide

Protect Key Roles:

Not all roles are equal, and you may need to value certain players over others. If you can identify the Seer or other roles like Paranormal Investigator, you need to protect them at all costs.

Defend the Heated:

During the day accusations will be flying around. It may be beneficial to choose to protect one of those players caught up in the day’s argument. If you protected that player, and no elimination happens then it’s likely you found an ally that the Werewolves were trying to eliminate.

Be Stealthy:

You are a powerful tool for the villager team. Don’t reveal yourself too quickly or the Werewolves will likely target you during the night.

Moderator Tips

ultimatewerewolf moderator tips

The Bodyguard is a simple role, but there are a few things to remember as the moderator.  Here are some tips to help:


One of the primary rules for the Bodyguard is that they cannot defend the same individual on two consecutive nights. Also remember, they cannot protect themselves either.


After each night phase, carefully review the actions taken. Particularly, verify if any players who were targeted for elimination were protected by the Bodyguard or not. 


Some roles like the Tough Guy can survive the first night but will be eliminated on the second night if targeted. However, the Bodyguard can save a player from all eliminations, thus potentially saving the Tough Guy. This is just one example of a unique interaction.

Always be sure to check our full Moderator’s guide or FAQ section.

Ultimate Werewolf: Extreme

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Final Thoughts

The Bodyguard is a classic in Ultimate Werewolf. All levels of players can enjoy this role, and it’s an easy one for the moderator to include in a deck. We almost always include this role in the decks that we make.

Are you prepared to shoulder the responsibility of the Bodyguard? Share your experiences, strategies, and heroic moments in the comments below.

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