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Unmatched is a fast-paced, asymmetrical miniature dueling game that allows you to choose from an ever-growing roster of legendary heroes and villains from ancient mythology, classic literature, and blockbuster movies. This unique crossover game has numerous volumes, sets, and expansions that provide a diverse range of characters and playstyles. Unmatched: Teen Spirit adds three teenage heroes from Marvel comics to the ever-growing Unmatched roster.

Unmatched: Teen Spirit includes:

  • 4 miniature figures
  • 8 sidekick tokens
  • 3 combat tokens
  • 3 scheme tokens
  • 4 health dials
  • 93 cards 
  • 1 double-sided game board
  • 1 rulebook
teen spirit box art


Unmatched sets itself apart from other games with its strong focus on art. In Teen Spirit, the game board is beautifully designed with clearly defined combat zones. It even has a reverse side that showcases the board art more prominently. The artwork in each hero’s deck is unique and perfectly matches their character. The game stays true to the crossover concept by capturing the essence of each hero and their deck, as if they were plucked straight from their original source material and placed into an intense battle arena. Each deck is meticulously crafted to embody the hero’s theme, with special abilities and card titles that are packed with references that fans of the heroes will undoubtedly appreciate.

unmatched teenspirit setup new


In Unmatched: Teen Spirit, pick your favorite hero and use their unique playstyle and abilities to defeat all who oppose you. You must take two of the following actions each turn: maneuver, scheme, and attack. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. Each card has a special effect or value, leading to exciting and unique engagements every time you play. The new map provides a unique environment that you can use to your advantage. You can also mix and match characters and maps from other Unmatched game sets.

For the full rulebook click here.

unmatched action card


Unmatched: Teen Spirit offers multiple gameplay options, allowing you to play 1v1, 2v2, or engage in a thrilling 3-player free-for-all. The free-for-all mode is our favorite as it encourages unofficial alliances and betrayals. A single match typically lasts between 20 to 40 minutes, providing constant action throughout. 

Initially, the basic mechanics might appear complex, but they are actually easy to grasp once you dive in and start playing. While some heroes have more intricate mechanics than others, resulting in a learning curve, each card is printed with clear instructions, and additional guidance can be found in the included rule book and our FAQ.

In Teen Spirit, each hero brings a new mechanic to the table. Cloak & Dagger rely on each other for offense and defense, Ms. Marvel utilizes her extended range as a melee hero to deliver powerful attacks from a distance, and Squirrel Girl unleashes her army of squirrels to overwhelm her opponents. Although certain heroes may seem stronger than others, each has their own weaknesses that can be exploited, and they each possess tools that enable them to compete effectively against their adversaries.

Map: Navy Pier

navy pier

Navy Pier has an intriguing layout with some distinctive features. In the top left corner, there is an isolated area that can be used to corner opponents. The middle section of the map is covered by the orange zone, offering numerous spaces along the sides that grant ranged fighters plenty of reach across the entire map. Interestingly, there is only one space on this board that encompasses three zones, and it happens to be located at the top of the ferris wheel. The careful placement of zones on each map showcases the developer’s attention to detail, and Navy Pier does not disappoint in this regard. For melee fighters, there are plenty of smaller zones like the blue, purple, and green that allow them to escape the range of ranged fighters, forcing the latter to come within range of melee combat in order to engage.

Similar to other Marvel sets, there are three combat tokens and three scheme tokens available for use. These tokens are positioned next to specific spaces and can be utilized by any fighter occupying that space. All combat tokens are versatile, serving to enhance a fighter’s attack or defense. The scheme tokens over various abilities, including the ability to recover 3 health, move two spaces and gain 1 action, or peek at the top three cards of any deck and rearrange them as desired. Each of these tokens provides strategic advantages for players and encourages them to traverse the board to secure them.


Cloak & Dagger

Living light and living shadow. She assaults you with a Lightforce barrage. He strikes out form the Darkforce Dimension. Fighting together in perfect balance, they will send you into the void.

Read more about Cloak & Dagger here

Ms. Marvel

Growing up, Kamala Khan idolized Super Heroes, not knowing one day she’d join her role models in shielding society from evil. Now, when she embiggens or shrinks, she’ll take you down easy peasy and be home with friends and family in time for gyro and fries.

Read more about Ms. Marvel here.

Squirrel Girl

With a horde of squirrels at her side, it’s time to eat nuts and kick butts! Then you’ll know why they call her… unbeatable.

Read more about Squirrel Girl here.

Final Thoughts

I must admit that Teen Spirit was the Marvel set I was least excited about initially; however, once I had the opportunity to try out each hero, I quickly became attached to them for different reasons:

Cloak & Dagger are truly a unique team in Unmatched. Their every move carries a significant risk, but with that risk comes the potential for impactful plays. Beginners may find it challenging to find synergy with these fighters, but the high-risk, high-reward gameplay was deeply satisfying.

Ms. Marvel is an explosively powerful hero, capable of dealing substantial damage on nearly every turn. Her special ability keeps her constantly on the move, forcing her opponents to chase her down. This compensates for her lack of strong defense cards; however, she is heavily dependent on the choice of map, as certain maps can completely disrupt her game plan before the match even begins.

Squirrel Girl introduces Small Fighters to Unmatched, using her squirrels to enhance her attack and agility. This compensates for her limited defensive options and low base movement. Strategically positioning the squirrels throughout the game is crucial for optimal attack and agility.

Unmatched: Teen Spirit is an outstanding game on its own, and Marvel fans will thoroughly enjoy the artwork and abundance of references. When combined with other editions, players gain access to a vast and ever-expanding array of matchups and battlefields. It is a fantastic edition to the Unmatched series and a must-have for both Marvel fans and Unmatched enthusiasts. If you are looking to expand your collection further, be sure to explore the following sets and expansions:

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