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Brains and Brawn


Unmatched is a fast-paced, asymmetrical miniature dueling game that allows you to choose from an ever-growing roster of legendary heroes and villains from ancient mythology, classic literature, and blockbuster movies. This is a crossover like no other with many volumes, sets, and expansions that offer a wide variety of characters and playstyles. In Unmatched: Brains and Brawn, the final set of Marvel heroes joins the already impressive roster of heroes. This set introduces the mystical Doctor Strange, the sensational She-Hulk, and the amazing Spider-Man, adding even more excitement and diversity to the battlefield.

Brains and Brawn includes:

  • 3 miniature figures
  • 1 sidekick token
  • 3 combat tokens
  • 3 scheme tokens
  • 4 health dials
  • 93 cards
  • 1 double-sided gameboard
  • 1 rulebook
brains and brawn cover art


brains brawn setup

Unmatched continues to set itself apart from other games through its commitment to art. Brains and Brawn showcases this dedication with a game board that is vividly colored and clearly divided into combat zones. The reverse side of the board provides even more space to showcase the stunning artwork. Each hero’s deck is a visual treat, featuring unique and thematic artwork by Joshua Swaby (cover and She-Hulk), The Brave Union (Doctor Strange), and fan favorite Oliver Barret (Spider-Man) that captures the essence of each hero. The game stays true to the concept of crossovers, as each hero and their deck feel as if they were plucked straight from their source material and placed into the arena for battle. Every deck is brimming with thematic elements, including special abilities and card titles that are filled with references that fans of each hero will undoubtedly appreciate.


In Unmatched: Brains and Brawn, pick your favorite hero and use their unique playstyle and abilities to defeat all who oppose you. You must take two of the following actions each turn: maneuver, scheme, and attack. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. Each card has a special effect or value, leading to exciting and unique engagements every time you play. The new map provides a unique environment that you can use to your advantage. You can also mix and match characters and maps from other Unmatched game sets.

For the full rulebook click here.

unmatched action card


Brains and Brawn offers versatile gameplay options, allowing you to play 1v1, 2v2, or engage in a thrilling 3-player free-for-all. Our personal favorite is the free-for-all mode, which encourages unofficial alliances and unexpected betrayals, adding an extra layer of excitement. A single match typically lasts between 20-40 minutes and is filled with non-stop action and strategic decision-making.

While the basic mechanics may initially appear complex, they are easy to grasp once you dive into the game. Some heroes have more intricate mechanics than others, which can present a learning curve; however, every card in the game comes with clear instructions, and you can always refer to the official rule book and our FAQ for more clarification.

The heroes in this set offer diverse playstyles, each with their own unique mechanics. Doctor Strange, for example, can sacrifice health to return a card he just played back to his deck, opening numerous strategic possibilities against opponents. She-Hulk possesses the ability to deal unblockable damage at range by discarding one of her cards, making her a formidable foe from any distance. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sense grants him knowledge of the printed value of each card used against him before he defends, rendering surprise attacks nearly impossible. No fighter holds a distinct advantage over the others in this set, as each has their own weaknesses to exploit and tools to compete on an equal footing.

Map: Sanctum Sanctorum

Sanctum Sanctorum 1 new

The Sanctum Sanctorum has a well-designed layout with careful consideration given to zone placement. It features three tre-colored spaces that cover all but one zone on the board. Despite this, the zones seamlessly flow into one another, with double colored spaces connecting each zone. While this may initially appear to heavily favor Doctor Strange and other ranged fighters, the interconnected spaces ensure that melee heroes can navigate the battlefield without much difficulty. While melee fighters need to plan ahead if they wish to evade the reach of ranged fighters, the same applies to ranged fighters facing off against melee opponents. 

Sanctum Sanctorum 2 new

Similar to other Marvel sets, the board includes three combat tokens and three scheme tokens. These tokens are placed adjacent to specific spaces on the board and can be utilized by any fighter occupying these spaces. As usual, all combat tokens have versatile functions, allowing them to be used for boosting a fighter’s attack or defense. The scheme tokens enable various actions such as moving a fighter by one space, playing a scheme card from their deck as a free action, and drawing three cards while placing one card from the hand at the bottom of the deck.


Doctor Strange

The Master of Kamar-Taj, with the trusty Wong by his side, wields mighty spells to defeat his foes.

Read more about Dr. Strange here.


She’s an Omega-Level Threat, whether she’s unleashing a nerve cluster strike or throwing the book at you – literally. When she gets SAVAGE, it’s double jeopardy for you.

Read more about She-Hulk here.


It’s your friendly neighborhood wall crawler, swinging into action. When his spider-sense starts tingling -thwip! – right in the face. But remember: With great power comes great responsibility.

Read more about Spider-Man here.

Final Thoughts

Brains and Brawn introduces three of Marvel’s most iconic heroes to the Unmatched battlefield, bringing their unique abilities and playstyles:

Doctor Strange possesses a wide array of abilities that make him highly effective against various opponents. While he may have limited movement, his range compensates for it. His sidekick Wong might not be the most impactful fighter, but he offers opportunities to diversify your gameplay and act as a barrier between your opponent and Doctor Strange. As the game progresses, decision-making becomes more challenging as you’re left with only the cards you’ve chosen to return to your deck, making it riskier to blind-boost.

She-Hulk is an incredibly powerful hero who faces challenges when it comes to maneuverability; however, she has cards in her deck that grant her extra movement, giving her opportunities to reach her opponents. Once she is in range, she can unleash devastating damage not only to the opposing fighter’s health, but also to the opposing player’s hand.

Spider-Man possesses remarkable agility, adaptability, and unique card effects, making him a formidable contender against any hero in the game. Although his special ability is exceptional, his deck lacks overwhelmingly powerful cards. The key to victory for those using Spider-Man lies in their understanding of the opponent’s deck and their ability to use the insight provided by Spider-Sense.

These heroes are faithfully represented, adding more variety and strategic options to the ever-expanding roster of Unmatched.

Brains and Brawn stands as a remarkable game in its own right, offering enjoyable gameplay and captivating artwork that is sure to delight Marvel and Unmatched fans alike. When combined with other editions, players gain access to a wealth of additional battlefields, fighters, and matchups, continually expanding the possibilities. It is an excellent addition to the Unmatched series, a must-have for Unmatched enthusiasts, and an essential choice for Marvel fans. If you’re looking to further expand your collection, consider exploring the following sets and expansions:





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