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Unmatched is a fast-paced, asymmetrical miniature dueling game that allows you to choose from an ever-growing roster of legendary heroes and villains from ancient mythology, classic literature, and blockbuster movies. This is a crossover like no other with many volumes, sets, and expansions that offer a wide variety of characters and playstyles. Unmatched: Bruce Lee is an expansion that brings the martial arts legend Bruce Lee to the Unmatched battlefield. This expansion is intended to be played with other Unmatched complete sets and cannot be played standalone.

The Bruce Lee Expansion includes:

  • 1 miniature
  • 1 health dial
  • 31 cards
unmatched bruceleeexpansion cover art


One way Unmatched stands apart from other games is the dedication to art. This deck features unique, stunning, and thematic artwork for Bruce Lee, and his miniature is excellently detailed. Staying true to the concept of a crossover, he feels as if he was pulled directly from his films and placed into the Unmatched battlefield. His deck is incredibly thematic, featuring special abilities and card titles that include an abundance of references that fans of Bruce Lee are sure to appreciate.

Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee

Lee Jun-fan, later known as Bruce Lee, was a Hong Kong and American martial artist, actor, director, and philosopher. His legend reaches far enough to compete against the myths and monsters of Unmatched.

Read more about Bruce Lee here.

Final Thoughts

The Bruce Lee Expansion continues to expand the roster in new and unique ways. We find Bruce Lees combo-heavy playstyle very fitting to represent the legend himself. Additionally, the artwork and card references are a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest and most influential martial artists in history.

Unfortunately, the Bruce Lee Expansion is currently out of print and unavailable to purchase through retail. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if the license will ever be renewed. There are many people online selling this expansion for hundreds of dollars. Even though Bruce Lee is an excellent addition to the game, we do not recommend purchasing from these sellers. 

If you wish to begin your collection, or expand it further, check out the following sets:

Unmatched: Bruce Lee Expansion

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