Unmatched is a fast-paced, asymmetrical miniature dueling game that allows you to choose from an ever-growing roster of legendary heroes and villains from ancient mythology, classic literature, and blockbuster movies. This is a crossover like no other with many volumes, sets, and expansions that offer a wide variety of characters and playstyles. Battle of Legends Vol. 1 is the first set to ever release and includes four unique heroes, each one coming with a miniature figurine and a unique deck that evokes their legacy.

Battle of Legends Vol. 1 includes:

  • 4 miniature figures
  • 6 sidekick tokens
  • 1 size token for Alice
  • 7 health dials
  • 124 cards
  • 1 Double-sided game board
  • 1 Rulebook
Battle of Legends Vol. 1


One way Unmatched stands apart from other games is the dedication to art. In Battle of Legends Vol. 1, both game boards are colorfully printed with easily identifiable zones for combat, and each deck features unique, stunning, and thematic artwork for each hero. Staying true to the concept of a crossover, each individual hero and their deck feel as if they were pulled directly from their source material and placed in an arena to battle one another. Each deck is incredibly thematic, featuring special abilities and card titles that include an abundance of references that fans of each hero are sure to appreciate.

unmatched vol1 setup new


In Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1, the goal is to pick your favorite hero and use their unique playstyle and abilities to defeat all who oppose you. You must take two of the following actions each turn: maneuver, scheme, and attack. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. Each card has a special effect or value, leading to exciting and unique engagements every time you play. The two maps also provide unique environments that you can use to your advantage. You can also mix and match characters and maps from other Unmatched game sets.

For the full rulebook click here.

unmatched action card


Battle of Legends Vol. 1 can be played 1v1, 2v2, or a 3+ player free-for-all. The latter is our favorite since it is ripe for unofficial alliances and betrayals. A single match can take 30 – 60 minutes and is full of constant action. The basic mechanics might seem complicated at first glance, but they are easy to learn once you start playing. Some heroes do have more complicated mechanics than others, so there can be a learning curve. Fortunately, every card has specific instructions written on them, but you can always turn to the included rule book and our FAQ for more clarification.

The mechanics of each hero included in this set are much simpler than heroes included in more recent sets, but we find that this provides a good balance for all players. While some fighters may have distinct advantages over others, we still find the heroes featured in this set to be well balanced. Each hero has weaknesses that can be exploited and tools that allow them to compete with each other.

Maps: Sarpedon & Marmoreal

sarpedon new

Battle of Legends Vol. 1 features two separate maps. Sarpedon features plenty of spread-out zones that enable melee heroes to more easily escape the zones of ranged heroes. There are a few spaces on the board that contain multiple zones, being designed in such a way to not give ranged heroes a significant advantage. There are also areas where you can create choke points to position yourself defensively. This map and its zones do a good job of representing the diversity of the printed environment.

marmoreal new

The second map featured in Battle of Legends Vol. 1 is Marmoreal. This is the exact opposite of Sarpedon, featuring a multitude of spaces containing multiple zones. There are key positions that ranged heroes will want to reach to be able to cover most of the map from one space. To compensate, areas of the map are much tighter than in Sarpedon. When melee heroes get close, ranged heroes will have a harder time escaping. This map successfully simulates the idea of battling within a castle and atop its walls.



Big trouble in a little package. She’s been through the looking glass and came back with a vorpal blade and the Jabberwock in tow. Catch her at the wrong size, and it’ll be checkmate for you.

Read more about Alice here.

King Arthur

With the mighty Excalibur in his mailed fist and the tricky Merlin at his back, his greatest weapon is his faith and willingness to sacrifice to see that the deed is done.

Read more about King Arthur here.


The Gorgon with the gaze that felled thousands. With her harpies at her side, you better have a defense in hand when she turns her eyes on you.

Read more about Medusa here.


With every thrilling voyage, he grows in wisdom and power. Get to him and the faithful Porter quickly, before his experience makes him nigh unstoppable and your story ends too soon. 

Read more about Sinbad here.

Final Thoughts

Battle of Legends Vol. 1 is our first recommendation for anyone interested in exploring the Unmatched series. As the first set, the four featured heroes have mechanics that are more straightforward and easier to understand for newcomers than many of the more recent sets. Do not let this fool you into thinking these heroes are boring. Competitively, these fighters are some of the toughest in the entire game.

The combat system is fun and engaging, each hero is unique, and it is an easy to learn game that can be taught as you play, keeping you from boring others by reading long rule sheets. The best thing about Unmatched is the variety. Each game set can be played standalone, or you can buy other sets and mix and match the heroes in each. 

For those who love hero arenas, card games, and strategy games alike, Unmatched: Battle of Legends, Vol. 1 makes a wonderful addition to your collection. If you wish to expand your collection further, be sure to check out the following game sets and expansions:

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1

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