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Cloak & Dagger are a hero duo created for Marvel Comics in 1982, first appearing in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #64. After a few guest appearances, they were finally given their very own limited series. They continued to guest star in other comic series and became affiliated with many Marvel hero teams including, but not limited to, the X-Men, Secret Avengers, Marvel Knights, and the Runaways. On June 7th, 2018, the duo was featured in their very own live-action series titled Cloak & Dagger that aired on the Freeform channel. Although it was met with positive reviews and renewed for a second season, the show was canceled on October 24th, 2019.

Teenage New York City runaways Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen find friendship with one another before being captured with other teens and forcefully injected with experimental drugs. As the only survivors, they find themselves with miraculous superhuman abilities. Tyrone, now engulfed in darkness, hides his appearance behind a cloak while Tandy creates daggers of light to strike down her foes. Now dubbing themselves “Cloak & Dagger”, the duo uses their powers to declare war on drug crime and help runaway youth. In Unmatched, Cloak & Dagger support one another in all aspects of combat.

Cloak & Dagger are a pair of fighters and are represented with their own miniature figurine and health dial. If an opposing ability or effect targets “the opponent’s fighter”, you get to choose whether it affects Cloak or Dagger. Both Cloak and Dagger must be defeated for your opponent to claim victory.

Cloak & Dagger are included in the Unmatched Marvel: Teen Spirit game set, where they face off against the eccentric Squirrel Girl and the polymorph Ms. Marvel.

Cloak and Dagger card

Hero Stats

Health: 8 x2 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability: UMBRA

After you attack, if CLOAK dealt at least 2 combat damage, your opponent discards 1 card.

Special Ability: REFRACTION

After you attack, if DAGGER dealt at least 2 combat damage, gain 1 action.

Strategies and Tips

cloak and dagger

Cloak & Dagger are a team designed around Cloak supporting Dagger to set her up for extremely powerful attack combinations. Their special abilities perfectly exemplify this, allowing Cloak to weaken the opponent and Dagger to get more attacks in. If one of these fighters are allowed to fall in battle, then the other will struggle to compete. It is vital to ensure they both survive for as long as possible. Dagger should only be allowed to fall in battle when taking out the enemy herself, and Cloak should never allow Dagger to fall in battle before him. Even more than survival, it is important for these two fighters to work together and complement one another.

Primary Strengths

High damage potential.

Special abilities activate against enemy sidekicks.

Fighters without high value blocking options.

Primary Weaknesses

They each only have 8 health points.

Low value blocking options.

Aggressive fighters with high damage output.

The following are 3 tips we believe will help you make the most of their respective specialties:

Tip #1: Follow the Light

CD Follow the Light

Dagger can be seen as the primary source of attack damage on this team. Her ability is designed so that she can continuously attack opposing fighters, and her signature card Lightforce Barrage is a printed 7 card, giving Dagger insane attack power. The after-combat effect is the major downside, forcing Dagger to take damage equal to the amount of damage dealt. This card must be played strategically so as to not put Dagger at risk of being defeated by her own attack. This card should always be seen as Dagger’s finishing move, only to be used when looking to end the game, and never against a sidekick. 

It is important to note that if Dagger survives Lightforce Barrage, her special ability REFRACTION gives her the opportunity to attack again. If Lightforce Barrage isn’t enough to defeat your opponent, plan to use this additional action to finish the job. Preferably with another Lightforce Barrage since there are two in the deck.

Tip #2: Embrace the Darkenss

CD Embrace the Darkness

If Dagger is the powerhouse of the team, then Cloak can be seen as the support. His ability forces his opponents to discard a card if he deals 2 combat damage to them, and his signature card Darkforce Dimension allows him to place the opposing fighter in any space after combat AND makes them discard a card. If he plays this and deals 2 damage to an opponent, then his opponent will be forced to discard 2 cards, but this is unlikely since it only has an attack value of 4.

Dagger’s ability to force your opponent to discard cannot be understated. The more cards you force your opponent to discard, the more of an advantage you have when you move Dagger into position to attack. There are also other card effects that allow Cloak to support Dagger further:

Tip #3: Find the Perfect Balance

CD Find the Perfect Balance

Use Cloak & Dagger’s special abilities and card effects strategically. The following are the most important cards, not including their signature cards, you should build your strategy around:

Channel the Dark – A 2 value attack that, if played by Cloak, lets you place the opposing fighter adjacent to Dagger and gain 1 action. Use this for surprise attacks when your opponent’s hand is low.

Living Shadow – A 2 value defense card that, if played by Dagger, lets Dagger swap spaces with Cloak, making Cloak the defender. Try to keep this card in hand to save Dagger when necessary.

Perfect Balance – A 4 value versatile card that becomes a 6 if both Cloak and Dagger are adjacent to their opponent. Can have synergy with Channel the Dark.

The Living Light – A 3 value versatile card that if played by Cloak to defend allows Dagger to recover 2 health, but if played by Dagger to attack allows Cloak to recover 2 health.

Chosen Fate – A scheme that allows you to deal up to 4 damage to Cloak or Dagger, allowing the other fighter to recover that amount of health and lets you draw 2 cards. This is the most situational card in the deck. More often than not, you may find yourself wanting to use this to take health from Dagger to give to Cloak. While this is not a bad idea, you should also consider saving this to heal Dagger so she has a better chance at surviving a late game Lightforce Barrage. If you don’t want to take health away from either you can always just deal no damage and use it to draw 2 cards.

Final Thoughts

Cloak & Dagger are a team like no other in Unmatched. Every move they make is risky from the start, but with high risk comes the potential for big impactful plays. Beginners may have a hard time finding synergy with these fighters, so we recommend them for players who are more experienced with Unmatched and enjoy high risk games.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and would be happy to help in any way we can!

Unmatched Marvel: Teen Spirit

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