Robin Hood vs. Big Foot

As Unmatched continues to grow and expand, it is natural for older expansions to become unavailable. Unfortunately, Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot is one of those expansions. As of 2023, Restoration Games has decided to “vault” this set, meaning it will not be reprinted in the foreseeable future.


Unmatched is a fast-paced, asymmetrical miniature dueling game that allows you to choose from an ever-growing roster of legendary heroes and villains from ancient mythology, classic literature, and blockbuster movies. This is a crossover like no other with many volumes, sets, and expansions that offer a wide variety of characters and playstyles. Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot is the first set to release with two heroes, placing Robin Hood and his outlaws against the might of the ever elusive Bigfoot.

Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot includes:

  • 2 miniature figures
  • 5 sidekick tokens
  • 3 health dials
  • 62 cards
  • 1 double-sided gameboard
  • 1 rulebook
robin hood vs bigfoot cover art


One way Unmatched stands apart from other games is the dedication to art. In Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, both game boards are colorfully printed with easily identifiable zones for combat, and each deck features unique, stunning, and thematic artwork for each hero. Staying true to the concept of a crossover, each individual hero and their deck feel as if they were pulled directly from their legends and source material, then placed in an arena to battle one another. Each deck is incredibly thematic, featuring special abilities and card titles that include an abundance of references that fans of each hero are sure to appreciate.

unmatched robinhoodvbigfoot setup


In Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, the goal is to pick your favorite hero and use their unique playstyle and abilities to defeat all who oppose you. You must take two of the following actions each turn: maneuver, scheme, and attack. You may choose two different actions or the same action twice. Each card has a special effect or value, leading to exciting and unique engagements every time you play. The two maps also provide a range of different environments that you can use to your advantage. You can mix and match characters and maps from other Unmatched game sets.

For the full rulebook click here.

unmatched action card


Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot can be played 1v1, with a single match taking around 20 minutes. The basic mechanics might seem complicated at first glance, but they are easy to learn once you start playing. Some heroes do have more complicated mechanics than others, so there can be a learning curve. Fortunately, every card has specific instructions written on them, but you can always turn to the included rule book and our FAQ for more clarification.

In this set, both heroes are easy to understand and have vastly different playstyles. Robin Hood specializes in keeping his distance and using ambush attacks to steal from his opponents. He has 4 Outlaws that he can use to spread around the board and keep his opponents away from him. Bigfoot, on the other hand, wants to rush in and hit his opponents with powerful attacks frequently. With the Jackalope at his side, there is nowhere on the board he cannot reach. Neither fighter is at a distinct disadvantage over the other, in fact many of their cards are designed to counter each other. With this in mind, we find the heroes featured in this set to be well balanced.

Maps: Sherwood Forest & Yukon

sherwood forest

Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot features two separate maps, both of which are designed for 2-players. Sherwood Forest is tailor made for Robin Hood and you can see it in the design. There are three spaces within three zones, and one of them is positioned with only two paths to access it. Any ranged fighter will be tough to reach on that specific space; however, the rest of the board is filled with narrow paths, which makes it harder for ranged fighters to succeed and easier for melee fighters to pin down their opponents. Bigfoot has card effects that allow him to move through opposing fighters, so these narrow paths work to both give Bigfoot fewer options to approach and his opponents fewer options to escape.


Yukon is more connected as a whole and fits Bigfoot’s playstyle over Robin Hood’s. There are only 3 spaces within 3 zones, and all three are in the middle of the map with multiple paths to access them. Robin Hood does have more minions than most heroes to help block off some of these paths, but he will have a much harder time defending against bigfoot in these spaces. Additionally, there is one long, narrow passage on the left that is perfect for trapping opponents as Bigfoot. The zones are set up so that ranged fighters can still attack from a respectable distance even in these narrow areas, but it still favors melee fighters. For ranged heroes to succeed on this map, they will need to keep on the move instead of camping one space.

Heroes + Sidekicks


Mighty as a sequoia and untamable as the wind, Bigfoot comes crashing in with the darting Jackalope in tow. Quickly as you feel their power, they’re gone, like a figment of the mind.

Read more about Bigfoot here.

Robin Hood

The quick-witted rogue is a tricky adversary, hard to pin down and deadly with a bow. And just when he’s got your attention, the Outlaws come in to rob you blind.

Read more about Robin Hood here.

Final Thoughts

Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot introduces two new legendary heroes to the Unmatched battlefield. Robin Hood is the second ranged hero introduced to the game, and his ambush tactics add more depth to the Unmatched roster. Bigfoot is a brutal force of nature who hits hard and escapes before opponents can counter-attack. Both of these heroes add more diverse playstyles to the ever-growing roster.

The combat system is fun and engaging, each hero is unique, and it is an easy to learn game that can be taught as you play, keeping you from boring others by reading long rule sheets. The best thing about Unmatched is the variety. Each game set can be played standalone, or you can buy other sets and mix and match the heroes in each. 

For those who love hero arenas, card games, and strategy games alike, Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot makes a wonderful stand-alone game or addition to any Unmatched collection. If you wish to expand your collection further, be sure to check out the following game sets and expansions:

Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot

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