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Golden Bat is a Japanese superhero who debuted in a street theater performance in the 1930’s. Some consider him to be the first Japanese superhero and would go on to feature in a 1966 live action movie and a 1967 anime where he was portrayed by Osamu Kobayashi. While Golden Bat never displayed much personality, he enamored fans with his superhuman strength, swordsmanship, invulnerability, and ability to fly.

Golden Bat is included in Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

Golden Bat Card

Hero Stats

Health: 18 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 3

Special Ability: The First Superhero

If you haven’t taken a Maneuver action this turn, add +2 to the value of Golden Bat’s attacks.

Strategies and Tips

golden bat

Golden Bat is a simple, reliable hero who is easy to use and not difficult to master. He has one strong attack card with no card effects, and one strong defense card with no card effects. Other than those, you will need to set up Golden Bat to activate his special ability in order to deal most of your damage. Many of his card effects allow you to gain extra movement and give you insight into what your opponent will draw, so using these abilities to your advantage is key to victory.

Primary Strengths

Gameplay Simplicity


High Damage Potential

Primary Weaknesses

Few Good Defense Options

Most Attack Power Relies on Special Ability

Cards that Cancel Card Effects

Tip #1: Special Ability Synergy

golden bat spec ability

Golden Bat only has one high value attack card that requires no abilities to deal damage, so you will need to find synergy with his special ability in order to deal most of your damage. The best card to do this with is Alpine Fortress.

Alpine Fortress is a scheme that allows you to choose a card in your discard pile and shuffle it into your deck, draw 2 cards, and move Golden Bat up to 4 spaces. This is your best option for taking your opponent off guard for an attack. If you use this card with Super Strength on your next attack, you are attacking with a guaranteed 7 that cannot be canceled with any card effects which is very good. The additional effect of drawing 2 cards can either help give you the attack card you need or set you up for a solid defense on your opponent’s next turn.

Tip #2: Trapping Opponents

golden bat trap

Jumping off of the first tip, taking your opponent off guard with your special ability is the best way to get the most damage in. Otherwise, your opponent will never end their turn next to you without having proper defensive options in place. Terrifying Roar is the perfect card for trapping your opponent. This card makes it so that immediately fighters cannot leave their spaces for the rest of the turn. When used defensively against a melee fighter, there will be no way for your opponent to escape you. Ranged fighters are a bit trickier, but you can still use this and Alpine Fortress at the start of your next turn to bridge the gap.

Tip #3: Unpredictability

golden bat unpredictable

The easiest trap for heroes like Golden Bat to fall into is being predictable with each attack and defensive move. Try to shake up your method of attack so when you use the tips mentioned above your opponent doesn’t see it coming. Sight Beyond Sight is a good way to gain insight into your opponent’s hand and potential strategies. You can use Skirmish defensively to move your opponent within range of you at the end of their turn so you can activate your special ability. Arrive Just in Time allows you to place Golden Bat in any space, granting you an opening for attack or letting you reset the board. No matter what you do, the important thing is to try and figure out what your opponent thinks you will do and subvert their expectations.

Final Thoughts

Golden Bat is a hero that is both simple and powerful. While he faces challenges in defense, his mobility compensates for it. Ideal for new players, he offers an easy entry point to the game while seasoned players can still find depth and nuance in his gameplay. When playing as Golden Bat, it is crucial to not fall into the trap of predictability, despite his straightforward nature.

Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

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