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First published in 1865, author Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its 1871 sequel Through the Looking Glass have never been out of print. The cultural impact of Alice cannot be understated. The original book and its sequel were critically and commercially successful even in the author’s lifetime and has remained so to this day, now being available in over a hundred languages. Alice has seen many different adaptations over the years including the popular 1951 Disney animated adaptation Alice in Wonderland, the 2010 live-action film Alice in Wonderland, and the cult classic 2011 video game Alice: Madness Returns.

Alice is a young girl growing up in the Victorian era who stumbles upon the mystical world of Wonderland. In the classic novels, Alice is described as loving, gentle, trustful, curious, and courteous. Many commentators characterize her as innocent, clever, well-mannered, and imaginative while others focus on her powerlessness and the unkindness she shows to the animals in Wonderland. In Unmatched, Alice’s adventures through Wonderland have transformed her into a hardened warrior. She uses her ability to change sizes to boost her attack power and give her a defensive advantage.

Alice is included in Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1 

Alice card

Hero Stats

Health: 13 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

When you place Alice, choose whether she starts the game BIG or SMALL. When Alice is BIG, add 2 to the value of her attack cards. When Alice is SMALL, add 1 to the value of her defense cards.

Sidekick: The Jabberwock

Health: 8 / Attack: Melee / x1

Strategies and Tips


Alice is an extremely versatile hero. How you play her will be highly dependent on what map you are playing on and when you draw specific cards. This might sound true for every hero, but for Alice specifically it is hard to go into a specific match with a plan already in mind. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You will need to constantly plan out and strategize your size changes, which makes her very engaging to play. Additionally, there isn’t a map that is generally bad for her. Depending on how you strategize, she can be a viable option against any fighter on any map making her sort of a “Jill-of-all-trades”.

Primary Strengths

Well-rounded and has the tools to deal with any matchup

The Jabberwock is very strong against enemy heroes

Primary Weaknesses

Low card draw

Drawing Jabberwock cards can be inconsistent

Tip #1: Make Big plays

Alice Make the Big Plays

At the beginning of the game, you have to decide whether Alice starts BIG or SMALL. We always recommend starting BIG and attacking first. In fact, you should treat BIG as Alice’s default state. Alice should always be on the offensive, putting constant pressure on your opponent. 

The Other Side of the Mushroom is an attack card that perfectly exemplifies her versatility. It has a value of 3, lets Alice move up to 3 spaces after combat, and change size. When used while BIG this allows her to hit hard, create distance, and turn SMALL to defend against her opponent’s next attack. Likewise, O Frabjous Day also lets you change size after combat, but you do not get to move away from your opponent.

You should also keep an eye out for the versatile card I’m Late, I’m Late. With a value of 2 it isn’t great, but when used on defense it can set you up for a strong attack phase once your turn begins. The ability allows Alice to move up to 5 spaces after combat and change size. This is a huge asset against ranged opponents to let you close the distance.

With Alice, you have to constantly be thinking on your feet, ready to work with whatever hand you are dealt, and always ready to make the big play.

Tip #2: Beware the jabberwock

Alice Beware the Jabbewocky

Just like with Alice, your Jabberwock should be constantly putting pressure on your opponent. The Jabberwock has cards that are great against enemy heroes, but with only 4 in the deck it is impossible to know when you will draw them. 

Claws that Catch is an attack card with a value of 2 that becomes a 5 if used against an opposing hero. This card should never be used against sidekicks.

Jaws that Bite is an attack card with a value of 4 that lets you deal 2 damage to any one fighter adjacent to the Jabberwock after combat. This card has excellent value no matter who it is used against. The extra damage after combat is great for applying more pressure or securing a kill against a pesky enemy sidekick.

You need to be able to keep the Jabberwock protected in order to use these cards, but also keep the pressure up so your opponent can never predict when it will strike. If you only use the Jabberwock to attack with these cards, then your opponent will have an easier time defending against them. Attack occasionally with a versatile card like Maximum Foe, Skirmish, or Momentous Shift.

Tip #3: Be Like Alice

Alice Be Like Alice

Alice’s cards and special ability make her very versatile. You may start with a great hand or a terrible one. You may even end up shuffling all of your Jabberwock cards to the bottom of your deck. You need to be able to work around these setbacks and adapt to your situation. 

Snicker-Snack is Alice’s best card. With an attack value of 3 and an after-combat effect to look at your opponent’s hand and choose 1 card for them to discard if you won the combat, this card is crazy powerful. Especially when BIG. The downside is there is only one of these cards in your deck, meaning you have no idea when this card will show up in your hand. We cannot build a strategy around this card, but when it presents itself, it is vital that you take full advantage. Proper use of this card is always a game changer.

Looking Glass is Alice’s second-best card, and one of the best defense cards in the game. This card has a value of 2 and allows you to pick 2 of 3 given effects: draw 2 cards, Alice recovers 3 health, or place Alice in any other space. Staying true to Alice as a hero, I cannot tell you which of these three are best to pick at all times. The true power of this card is allowing you to improve whatever situation you are in. Each of the three effects listed have value depending on your situation. 

In the end, the best way to play Alice is to think like Alice. Look at the wacky situation you have found yourself in and use your cunning to find the best solution out of it.

Final Thoughts

When you play as Alice you never know what you are going to get, but that unpredictability is exactly what makes her such a fun hero. Her ability grants her excellent attack and defense values, and her card effects can really shake up the game. We recommend Alice to anyone who likes to think quickly on their feet and play in the moment. There is no long-term strategy to Alice, just get in your opponent’s face and work with what you have.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1

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