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There have been many tales of sightings throughout time depicting a large, bipedal creature with an ape-like appearance in the forests of North America. This legend is known by many names: Skunk Ape, the Mogollon Monster, Yowi, Sasquatch. You may recognize it by its more common name, Bigfoot. Many have attempted to prove the existence of Bigfoot over the years, but scientists continue to discount the existence of this majestic beast. In Unmatched, Bigfoot is a very real, very powerful, and very elusive force to be reckoned with. 

Bigfoot is included with the Unmatched: Robin Hood vs Bigfoot game set, where he defends his domain from the cloaked rogue Robin Hood.

Bigfoot card

Hero Stats

Health: 16 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 3

Special Ability

At the end of our turn, if there are no opposing fighters in Bigfoot’s zone, you may draw 1 card.

Sidekick: The Jackalope

Health: 6 / Attack: Melee / x1

Strategies and Tips


Bigfoot is easy to pick up and understand, attacks with devastating power, has excellent defensive options, and can move around the battlefield with complete freedom. These straightforward tactics allow you to play like the legendary creature, powerful and elusive.

Primary Strengths

Many high value attack cards

Fantastic mobility

Excellent defensive options

High card draw

Primary Weaknesses

Heroes who can punish high value attack cards (e.g. Beowulf, Invisible Man, Little Red)

3+ player free-for-alls

Small or narrow maps

The following are 3 tips to help you embrace the beauty and majesty of Bigfoot:

Tip #1: Be Larger Than Life

Bigfoot Be Larger Than Life

Bigfoot’s attack cards are mighty and should be used aggressively. 

Larger Than Life is an attack card with a base value of 6. It is an extremely powerful card that cannot be countered with a Feint. He has three of these in his deck, so when you draw this card, you use it. 

Savagery is Bigfoot’s other attack card. With a value of 4 and the ability to deal 1 damage to each fighter adjacent to Bigfoot after combat if you won the combat, the value of this card cannot be understated. Especially when surrounded by opposing 1 hp sidekicks. The card does rely a bit on your opponent’s positioning, but if there are no sidekicks around you can just deal that extra point of damage directly to the opposing fighter.

If you are afraid of your opponent punishing you after your turn, have no fear. Part of Bigfoot’s great defensive options is the card It’s Just Your Imagination. This is a defense card with a base value of 3, and the ability to immediately cancel all effects on your opponent’s card. As Bigfoot, this essentially gives you a 3 value Feint card. There are two of these in your deck, which effectively gives you access to a total of 5 Feint cards.

Tip #2: Be Elusive

Bigfoot Be Elusive

Just as quickly as you attack, be ready to retreat. Bigfoot has a movement of 3 which allows him to cover a lot of ground, and he has many cards that give him movement effects. 

Crash Through the Trees is a scheme card that allows Bigfoot to move up to 5 spaces, even passing through opposing fighters. This card can act as a free escape option for better defensive positioning, or you can use it to set up a surprise attack. 

Hoax is a versatile card with the same ability as Crash Through the Trees. This card is best used for defense. Against ranged fighters, this allows you to close the gap during your opponent’s turn.

Disengage is an attack with a value of 4 that Bigfoot or the Jackalope can use that lets the user choose an empty space in the fighter’s zone after combat and place the fighter in that space. This card is best used on the Jackalope to keep it engaged and live, so try to only use this card with Bigfoot if you have no other options.

Do not forget to end your turn in an unoccupied zone to take advantage of Bigfoot’s special ability.

Tip #3: Be The Majestic Jackalope

Bigfoot Be The Jackalope

The Jackalope acts as an extension of Bigfoot. It can use all of the same defensive cards that Bigfoot can and has a scheme card that you must take full advantage of. 

Jackalope Horns lets you move the Jackalope up to 5 spaces through opposing fighters. This card is similar to Bigfoot’s Crashing Through the Trees; however, this card also deals 2 damage to a fighter adjacent to the Jackalope. There are three copies of this card in Bigfoot’s deck, giving you the potential to deal 6 points of damage directly to your opponent. This card also has excellent synergy with Momentous Shift

Embrace the Jackalope, surprise attack your opponent, and be ready to escape with defense cards.

Final Thoughts

Bigfoot is the best at what he does, and what he does is not very nice. He is insanely powerful with little to no risk. His only real weakness is in matches with three or more players, where you may find it more challenging to take advantage of his special ability with the higher likelihood of opposing fighters being in his zone. Even then he is still a massive threat. Bigfoot is easy to pick up and understand, making him an excellent hero for not only newcomers, but players of all skill levels.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and would be happy to help in any way we can!

Unmatched: Robin Hood vs Bigfoot

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