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Elektra is a highly skilled assassin of Greek descent who debuted in Daredevil #168 in January of 1981. Although creator Frank Miller only intended Elektra to make one appearance, she quickly became a fan favorite who would frequently reappear in the Daredevil comics. She would later see live action adaptations in the 2003 film Daredevil, a 2005 feature film of her own titled Elektra, and the 2015 Netflix Marvel Daredevil series. 

Trained by a mystical ninja cult known as the Hand, Elektra is one of the most deadly assassins in Marvel comics. As a young adult, Elektra attended Columbia university where she dated classmate Matt Murdock. Many years later, after breaking away from the hand and becoming an independent agent, she would encounter Matt Murdock again, now known as Daredevil. Although the two frequently found themselves in conflict with one another, they worked together on many occasions. Elektra would later die at the hand of Bullseye, only to have her body stolen and resurrected by The Hand. In Unmatched, Elektra uses the Hand to fight against all who oppose her, only to be resurrected more powerful than ever if she is defeated.

Elektra is included in Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen

Elektra card

Hero Stats

Health: 7 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

The first time Elektra would be defeated, remove her and all Hand from the board. She is not defeated. At the start of your next turn, Resurrect her. Ignore effects with the The Hand 20 symbol. 

Sidekick: The Hand

Health: 1 / Attack: Melee / x4

Elektra card

Elektra Resurrected

Health: 9 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

When Elektra Resurrects: Flip your health dial. Shuffle your discard pile into your deck. Place Elektra and all Hand back onto the board with each fighter in a different zone. You must resolve effects with the The Hand 20 symbol. 

Sidekick: The Hand

Health: 1 / Attack: Melee / x4

Strategies and Tips

Elektra model

Elektra’s ability to die and resurrect will be your main focus during her gameplay. Mechanically, her cards are rather simple to understand and execute. Knowing how to properly capitalize on her first and second lives each is the key to her success. She starts with very low health so you will need to be on guard to make sure she is not bursted down quickly. Her starting deck is only 20 cards, the smallest in the game. If you do not go through enough of her deck before she dies the first time, then you will be at a significant disadvantage for the rest of the game; however, if you manage to go through her entire deck before she dies, then you will have a significant advantage over your opponent.

Primary Strengths

Can win exhaustion games against any hero

Strong attack values

Cards become significantly better after she resurrects

Primary Weaknesses

Low health pre death and post resurrection

Weak card effects prior to her first death

Will be at a significant disadvantage if her first death comes early

Tip #1: The Hand

Elektra the hand

You need to prioritize survival during this stage. Lasting until your deck runs out will put you at a significant card draw advantage when you resurrect. Make sure you position yourself so that your opponent has to get through your Hand sidekicks to get to you. Do not simply throw their lives away though, as they have access to card effects that will help you escape dangerous situations.

Snakeroot Clan is an Elektra defense card with a value of 1 that immediately lets her swap spaces with a Hand. If she does, that Hand is now the defender.

Hands of Red is an Elektra attack card with a value of 4 that lets you return a defeated hand to a space in Elektra’s zone after combat. 

Use the aforementioned cards to protect Elektra during this phase and to bring back fallen Hand ninjas. Be wary of the card Mystic Assassin. This attack card has a value of 6 but also deals 3 points of damage to Elektra after combat. During the first phase of the game, you should not play this card unless you know your opponent will defend with a Feint. She also has a few other cards that are beneficial during this stage of the game.

Sai is an Elektra versatile card with a value of 4 that should only be used to defend at this stage of the game. It has no card effect, but 4 is a great value for defense. 

Ninjitsu is a versatile card with a value of 3 that both Elektra and the Hand can use. It allows you to place your fighter in any space after combat. This is a valuable defense card for either of your fighters, especially if you are running low on the Hand. 

Cloaked in Shadow is essentially Elektra’s Feint card. This versatile card has a value of 2 and lets you immediately cancel all effects on your opponent’s card.

Tip #2: The Death

Elektra the death

As Elektra, you want to die on your terms. Upon death you get to keep your current hand, so while it is important to go through as much of your deck as possible, you also want to strategize what hand you want to have when Elektra resurrects. 

There is a particularly devastating combination you can pull off if you die with the following hand: Mesmerize x2, Mystic Assassin x2, Sai, and Intercept

Once Elektra resurrects, the game has changed. Ideally you will have gone through most, if not all, of your deck at this point, so reshuffling your discard pile back into your deck should put you at a huge card draw advantage over your opponent. Additionally, many of Elektra’s cards have more powerful effects.

Tip #3: The Resurrection

Elektra the ressurection

Upon resurrection, you can place Elektra and the Hand anywhere on the board so long as each fighter is in a different zone. This is the time to execute the attack I mentioned in tip #2.

  1. Place Elektra adjacent to her opposing hero. Try to place the Hand as close as you can as well, but their positioning is unimportant at this stage.
  2. Use Mesmerize, a scheme that allows you to look at your opponent’s hand and gain an action. Post resurrection however, you also get to choose 1 card for them to discard. You want to find their best defense card and force them to discard it.
  3. Use your second Mesmerize if necessary and discard the best defense card they have left. You have now crippled them and still have 2 actions.
  4. Attack with Mystic Assassin. This attack has a value of 6 and would normally deal 3 damage to Elektra after combat, but post resurrection she takes no damage.
  5. Attack with your second Mystic Assassin card. There is a strong chance that your opponent will have taken 12 points of direct damage at this point. 

With the above attack, there is a high likelihood that you will defeat your opponent. Even if you do not and you end your turn next to them, there is nothing to fear. You forced them to discard 2 cards, and you know what is left in their hand. If they try to attack you, defend with Intercept. This defense card has a value of 3 and post resurrection lets you reveal a card named Sai during combat to make the value of 5. You also get to keep the Sai card in your hand to defend with if they decide to attack for a second time.

If your opponent is still alive after the aforementioned onslaught of damage you dealt, then it is time for Elektra to retreat and surround them with the Hand. 

The Fist is a great card for finishing off your opponent. This attack has a value of 3 that lets you deal 1 damage to your attacking fighter after combat. If you do this, you can return this card to your hand and gain 1 action. If you position multiple members of the Hand around your opponent, you can hit them with this card until nothing is left. You will have returned the cards that allow you to resurrect the hand to your deck so you will have no problem bringing them back.

The hard part of Elektra’s gameplay is building up to this point, so if set up correctly your opponent should be at a disadvantage on every level.

Final Thoughts

Elektra is easily one of the most unique heroes in Unmatched. Her deck is mechanically simple, but her ability to resurrect and have many of her cards do different things in her first and second life adds a new layer to Unmatched yet unseen. New players may have a hard time keeping her alive during the first phase of combat, giving them a harder time with her; however, I believe that in the hands of an experienced player she can be one of the best in the game.

Unmatched: Hell's Kitchen

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