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The story of Little Red Riding Hood is a classic children’s tale that originates as far back as the first century. Over the years, there have been many versions of this story. The more modern story is the tale of a young girl dressed in a red hood carrying her basket of goods. She travels in a dark forest to deliver a gift to her grandmother. When Little Red arrives, her grandmother has already been eaten and replaced by the big bad wolf. The one component that has stayed consistent through all the stories is the lurking danger Little Red must face. 

In Unmatched, Little Red has battled and vanquished the big bad wolf, wearing its hide to symbolize her victory. Her playstyle has been designed to match her ferocity.  

Little Red Riding Hood is included in Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs. Beowulf, where she joins forces with the Huntsman to face off against a fellow beast slayer, Beowulf

little red card

Hero Stats

Health: 14 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

Resolve an effect on a card you play if the symbol next to the effect matches the item in your basket.

At the start of the game, place LITTLE RED’S BASKET in your discard pile.

Sidekick: Huntsman

Health: 9 / Attack: Ranged / x1

Strategies and Tips

little red new

Little Red Riding Hood is a versatile character with plenty of offensive and defensive options, schemes, and unique card effects. She is not a heavy hitter, but she consistently inflicts damage on her opponent. Her gameplay revolves around her unique discard pile which is her basket. Most of her cards have bonus effects that require the symbol next to it to match the symbol of the card on top of her discard pile. These symbols are wolf, knives, and wolfsbane. To be effective, you must think ahead and strategize. 

Primary Strengths

Deals damage on attack and defense

Strong and versatile card effects

Heroes with high value attacks

Primary Weaknesses

Matching desired effect with her basket

Often needs to take damage to deal damage

Heroes who have many ways to cancel card effects

The following are 3 tips to navigating Little Red’s basket:

Tip #1: Versatility is Your Strength

little red versatility

The majority of Little Red Riding Hood’s deck is composed of versatile cards. Knowing when to play these cards is essential.

What’s That in My Basket – This may be Little Red’s best card. With a value of 4, it makes a solid option for both defense and offense. What makes this card so valuable is that it acts as a “wild” card and can act as any symbol in the discard pile: the wolf, knives, or wolfsbane. There are 4 of these in your deck, so chances are you will be able to use them both offensively and defensively.

What Big Eyes You Have – This card has a value of 3 with the ability to immediately cancel all effects on your opponent’s card. The effect alone makes this card a great defensive option, but it also has an extra ability. The wolfsbane effect ignores the printed value of your opponent’s card, making it the ultimate defense if triggered. While this could be a solid offensive choice, Little Red has low health, so it is recommended to use this solely on defense.

Stones in the Belly – With just a printed value of 2 this card may seem weak; however, it is a card that both Little Red and the Huntsman can use. You should only use this card when you can activate the knives effect. This effect forces your opponent to discard a random card and add its boost value to your card. If used optimally, this card has the potential to block or deal significant damage. There are 3 of these cards in your deck.

Once Upon a Time – This is another card with a value of 2 that can be used by both Little Red and the Huntsman. When the knives effect is activated, it deals 3 damage to the opposing fighter after combat. Since the printed value is low we find it best to use this card solely offensively. This is a great option to bait out powerful defense cards and still deal damage after combat. The printed symbol (not the effect symbol) on this card is a wolfsbane, which is great for setting up What Big Eyes You Have on your opponent’s turn.

What Big Ears You Have – This attack card can be used defensively when paired with the knives effect. With a value of 4, this is a solid attack option that can be used to block a large amount of damage in a pinch.

What a Terrible Big Mouth You Have – Despite this being a defense card with the low value of 2, it has the most potential to deal devastating damage to your opponent.  The wolf effect allows you to deal damage to the opposing fighter equal to their attack card’s printed value. This ability can change the course of the battle in your favor, especially against the likes of Bigfoot, King Arthur, Jekyll & Hyde, and Dracula. The tradeoff is you will be taking a big hit as well. Luckily Little Red has a healing option in the form of the scheme A Grimm Tale.

Tip #2: Engage The Hunt

little red engage the hunt

The Huntsman does not have many options, but his presence as a ranged fighter can help discourage your opponent from approaching carelessly. He has no exclusive defensive options, so it is recommended that you keep him close to Little Red, but distant from the enemy. When attacked, your best option may be to not defend him so you can save your versatile cards to defend Little Red; however, do not be afraid to use them as him dying too early is disadvantageous.

Long Have I Sought You is an attack with a value of 4, and is the Huntsman’s only exclusive attack card. Even though he is a ranged sidekick, the value of this card becomes a 6 when used adjacent to the opposing fighter. This card is a great way to punish your opponent for approaching, and to make them second-guess approaching you all together.

Your primary attack source as the Huntsman should be Once Upon a Time, a versatile card with a value of 2 that lets you deal 3 damage to the opposing fighter after combat when the knives effect is activeDo not hold onto any of his attack cards for too long. It is best to inflict damage with him as soon as you can.

A Grimm Tale is the Huntsman’s most important card. This is a scheme card that heals Little Red by 2 health points. If your basket’s symbol is a wolf, the health regeneration is boosted to 4 health points. There are two of these cards in your deck. Keep the Huntsman alive at all costs until you use this!

The Huntsman isn’t the only hunter at your disposal. What Large Hands You Have is Little Red’s most oppressive card. This attack has a value of 2 but it allows you to return it to your hand after combat, making this an attack you can use over and over to force your opponent to waste defense cards. Additionally, if you activate the wolfsbane effect, you can return the top card of your discard pile to your hand. This effect can only return wolfsbane cards:

  • A Grimm Tale
  • Into the Woods
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Stones in the Belly
  • What’s That in My Basket?

If reusing What Large Hands You Have isn’t suitable for a particular matchup, think about which of the previously listed cards you could get more value of using again and plan accordingly.

Tip #3: Never leave the path

little red never leave the path

Never Leave the Path is her most important card. Two of these can be found in her deck, and it has three different effects that can be triggered depending on what is in your basket:

  • The wolf effect allows you to place Little Red in any space and gain an action.
  • The knives effect allows you to damage all fighters in Little Red’s zone by 2.
  • The wolfsbane effect allows you to draw 3 cards.

The wolf effect is Little Red’s most reliable option as this can set you up for a deadly combo of attacks.

Using the knives symbol to damage opponents in her zone can be the strongest option. This can be devastating to heroes with multiple 1hp sidekicks, opponents in a free-for-all, or opponents in a team match.

Unless you are in desperate need of cards, avoid the wolfsbane effect.

Final Thoughts

Little Red’s basket is a unique mechanic not seen in another other hero, and it makes her one of the most complicated heroes in the game. These different effects can seem overwhelming for new players to learn; however, once you are in a game, it is easy to pick up on. Veteran players will likely have an easier time understanding and executing her mechanics, but that isn’t to discourage other players. While complicated, her basket ability is extremely rewarding when pulled off, and the constant choices her card effects present throughout the game is sure to keep every encounter engaging for all players.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and would be happy to help in any way we can!

Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf

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