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Nikola Tesla, the Serbian-American inventor and visionary, made groundbreaking contributions to modern electrical systems in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His inventive genius gave us alternating current electrical systems, completely changing how we distribute and transmit power, enabling the widespread use of electricity. Tesla’s inventions, such as the Tesla coil and induction motor, set the stage for much of today’s technological infrastructure. In Unmatched, Tesla uses the power of his coils to unleash devastating damage across the battlefield.

Nikola Tesla is included in Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

Nikola Tesla Card

Hero Stats

Health: 14 / Attack: Ranged / Movement: 2

Special Ability: Electric Overflow

Start the Game with 1 coil charge.

At the end of your turn, charge 1 coil.

At the start of your turn, if both coils are charged, deal 1 damage to each opposing fighter adjacent to Tesla and move them up to 1 space.

Strategies and Tips

nikola tesla

Tesla possesses a unique special ability that may initially appear complex to balance, yet it is surprisingly straightforward. While advanced planning isn’t necessary for making the most of his abilities, doing so can prove satisfying. Tesla stands out with some of the highest attack power among ranged fighters; however, this strength is counterbalanced by his relatively lackluster defensive options. To maximize his effectiveness, keep Tesla at a distance from your opponents, controlling the battlefield from afar.

Primary Strengths

High Attack Power

Zone Control


Primary Weaknesses

Balancing Coil Charges

Average Defense Options

Cancel Effects

Tip #1: Kinetic Induction

Tesla Kinetic Induction 2

Tesla’s special ability Electric Overflow is what you will base his entire playstyle around. This allows you to start the game with 1 coil charge and at the end of every turn you can charge a coil. Additionally, if both coils are charged at the start of your turn, you deal 1 damage to each opposing fighter adjacent to Tesla and move them up to 1 space. 

Not needing to rely on card effects to charge your coils is a relief and makes managing coil charges much easier. With that said, you do have card effects that let you charge coils:

The Alternating Current is an excellent attack card that allows you to charge both coils or, if you already have both coils charged, you can discharge them to recover 2 health. 

Kinetic Induction has a low value, but it allows you to charge one coil after combat or charge both if you won the combat. As a defense card it doesn’t offer much value; however, if you use it while already having one charge, it allows you to start your next turn with a full charge and the ability to deal automatic damage to your opponent if they end their turn adjacent to you.

Fully Charged allows you to immediately charge both coils and gain 1 action. Keep this card in mind when looking over the other tips.

Tip #2: Zone Control

Tesla Zone Control

Tesla’s special ability and powerful ranged attacks demand respect. If your opponent is smart, they will try to stay outside of your range as much as possible. Use this to your advantage and take control of the battlefield. Use their knowledge of your range to funnel them into specific areas where they cannot avoid your reach. When your opponent inevitably moves in to attack you, punish them:

Lightning Storm allows you to discharge coils after combat. If you discharge 1 coil, you deal 1 damage to each opposing fighter in your zone. If you discharge 2 coils, you deal 2 damage to each fighter in your zone. This card only has a value of 3 but is best used defensively to deal damage to your opponent even when they think they have the advantage. Cards like this will discourage your opponent from making reckless attacks. 

Repulsion Blast is another excellent card to use defensively. It only has a value of 2, but it allows you to move the opposing fighter up to 2 spaces after combat. Additionally, you can discharge 1 coil to move Tesla up to 2 spaces or discharge 2 coils to also force your opponent to discard 1 random card. You will take some damage when defending with this card, but it allows you to position your opponent and yourself in an ideal position for an attack or to give you some breathing room.

If your opponent is foolish enough to end their turn in your zone, then Death Ray is an excellent attack to punish them with. This attack has a value of 4 and allows you to discharge coils during combat. If you discharge 1 coil the card’s value becomes a 5, but if you discharge 2 coils, the card’s value becomes a 7. The best part of this card is it allows you to discharge coils while knowing what the opponent defended with. With an attack like this, your opponent will be hesitant to end their turn in your zone, giving you indirect control over where they move across the battlefield.

Tip #3: X-Ray Radiation

Tesla X Ray Radiation

The most valuable and deadly card in Tesla’s deck is X-Ray Radiation. This attack has a value of 4 and during combat allows you to reveal the top card of your opponent’s deck. Then you can discharge coils. If you discharge 1 coil, you can discard that card. If you discharge 2 coils, you discard the card and add its boost value to your card’s value. This is the card that, when used with the tips above, can win you games. Many of the best cards in the game have high boost values, so if you draw one of your opponent’s key cards and gain a massive boost to your damage, in one turn you can deliver a massive blow that makes the rest of the game an uphill battle for your opponent. There are three of these cards in your deck, so attack with this card at every opportunity, being wary of cancel effects.

Final Thoughts

Tesla’s gameplay revolves around the proper utilization of his coils. His special ability makes balancing this mechanic pretty easy while his card effects grant more strategy for those looking for more complex gameplay. Tesla has many tools to deal devastating damage at range and punish opponents when attacked giving him nearly unrivaled control over any battlefield. New players may find his weak defenses too much to overcome, but more experienced players will be able to use his abilities to take control of the battlefield and overcome these weaknesses.

Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

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