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Robert Muldoon


As the warden of Jurassic Park, Robert Muldoon has proven himself to be a skilled hunter, proficient in tracking and weaponry. In the film Jurassic Park, he was very cautious, being the first to express his belief that the park’s Velociraptors were too dangerous. Muldoon went so far as to threaten to quit as warden of Jurassic Park unless he was granted lethal weaponry and ammunition to prepare for a breakout. In Unmatched, Robert Muldoon commands Ingen and uses his hunting skills to set traps for his opponents, keeping his distance and luring them to exactly where he wants them on the battlefield.

Muldoon is included in the Unmatched: InGen vs. Raptors set where he and his fellow InGen workers hunt the dangerous Raptors

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Hero Stats

Health: 14 / Attack: Ranged / Movement: 3

Special Ability:

At the start of your turn, you may place a trap. Whenever one of your traps is returned to the box, draw a card. Muldoon starts with 8 traps.

Sidekick: InGen Workers

Health: 1 / Attack: Ranged / x3

Strategies and Tips

Robert Muldoon

“I’ve hunted most things that can hunt you…”

– Robert Muldoon

As Muldoon, your goal is to hunt and trap. His deck only includes five good defense cards, which is lower than most. Once those are gone, Muldoon is going to go down fast. The best strategy is to play the long game, avoiding conflicts, and taking “shots” safely. He is a zoning-oriented hero, so you need to strategically use your traps, InGen workers, and range to keep your opponents at bay.

Primary Strengths


Map control

Attack power

Primary Weaknesses

Low defensive options

Scheme damage

Fighters who can attack at range ignoring zones (e.g. Bullseye)

The following are 3 tips to hunt any opponent:

Tip #1: Control the Battlefield With Traps

muldoon traps

Your trap tokens change how your opponents have to play against you compared to the other heroes. They give you insane map control and are very good against melee heroes. Here is how the traps work:

You may place a trap token in any unoccupied space in Muldoon’s zone. If Muldoon’s space is in more than one zone, you may pick a space in any of them. The target space cannot contain any fighters or other tokens, including other traps. When an opposing fighter enters a space with a trap, the trap goes off. The fighter must immediately stop moving and take 1 damage. After the trap goes off, return it to the box. Muldoon and his allies may land on or move through traps freely without setting them off. 

Each map you play on will determine your trap usage and placement. Do not set a trap every turn. Once you play them all then that makes it much easier for your opponent to play around them. You want to aim to have at most 3 to 4 traps on the battlefield simultaneously. You need the freedom to set a trap in a pinch, and you do not want to give your opponent the power to force you to draw if you are close to exhaustion. The main thing to keep in mind when placing traps is to block high traffic areas, and you usually do not need all of your traps on the battlefield to do so.

Tip #2: Hunt Your Opponent

muldoon hunt

Muldoon is a hunter so he should be played like one. With your traps in place you have complete control over the battlefield and can force your opponent to play the game how you want them to. Muldoon has a wide assortment of attacks to choose from, each with varying effects from letting you control your opponent’s movement to giving your attacks bonus damage if near traps. 

They Should All Be Destroyed is an attack with a value of 4 and is potentially Muldoon’s best attacking option. Its effect grants +1 attack for every trap token adjacent to the opposing fighter. This is a good way to punish your opponents for avoiding your traps.

Rending Shot is another great attack card that can be used by Muldoon or the InGen Workers. It has an effect that lets you move the opposing fighter up to 3 spaces, which is excellent for zoning and is especially punishing to 2 movement melee heroes. Use these effects to your advantage, thinking a few moves ahead every time.

Shoot Her is a great way to take your opponent off guard. This has a value of 3 but it becomes a 5 during combat if this is your first action this turn. 

I’ve Hunted Most Things That Can Hunt You is Muldoon’s only defense card. It has a value of 4 and lets you move each of your fighters up to 5 spaces after combat. You can also move them through opposing fighters. This is a great way to reposition yourself defensively or to go on the offensive.

Leap Away is a versatile card that should only be used on defense. This card allows you to choose one of the fighters in combat and move them up to 4 spaces after combat if you won the combat.

Your InGen workers also have a card exclusive to them to help you take control over the battlefield:

Tactical Advantage is a versatile card with a value of 3 that lets you move each of your InGen works up to 2 spaces after combat. This effect is great on defense, but with 1hp sidekicks you may find better use out of this card offensively.

Tip #3: Call For Backup

muldoon call for backup

Perhaps the most important card in Muldoon’s deck is Call For Backup. This is a scheme that allows you to choose two different effects. You can place up to 3 traps, place all your defeated InGen Workers in Muldoon’s zone, or draw 2 cards.

The InGen Worker revival is essential and this card should only be played when there are workers to be revived. Placing up to 3 traps is very effective to block or trap opponents, and it has fantastic synergy with They Should All Be Destroyed.

Do not forget that “up to” means you can place 0 traps if you choose. Setting three traps at once can give you an advantage, but if you only have a few traps left it may be best to hang on to them for a better opportunity.

Finally, drawing 2 cards is usually unnecessary but can be helpful if you find yourself with a small hand.

Final Thoughts

Robert Muldoon is widely considered to be the best zoner in Unmatched, even eclipsing Robin Hood and Medusa. With the combination of his InGen workers and traps, it is easy to see why. His traps have fantastic utility, and his InGen workers being ranged sidekicks help keep your opponents away.

Muldoon can be a complicated hero to use. Practicing on various maps and against different heroes is extremely important to mastering his kit. Muldoon is not friendly to newcomers. Even players with experience may have a hard time figuring out how to best utilize his traps. Regardless, he is a fun hero to play and always makes for some engaging matchups.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and would be happy to help in any way we can!

Unmatched: InGen vs Raptors

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