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Bullseye is a psychotic assassin who made his first appearance in Daredevil #131 in March of 1976. While his real name and origins have never officially been established, he has used the name “Benjamin Poindexter” and “Lester” on several occasions. He would later be adapted into live-action in the 2003 film Daredevil, and in season 3 of the 2015 Netflix Marvel Daredevil series.

A sadistic killer for hire, Bullseye is capable of using anything as a lethal projectile weapon. His professional reputation is ruined after failing to kill Daredevil during their first encounter. This begins a long rivalry where Bullseye is continuously humiliated by Daredevil, thus driving Bullseye deeper into madness and the desire for revenge. In Unmatched, Bullseye uses his nearly supernatural skills as a marksman to torment and assassinate all targets from anywhere on the map.

Bullseye is included in Unmatched: Hell’s Kitchen

Bullseye card

Hero Stats

Health: 14 / Attack: Ranged / Movement: 2

Special Ability

Bullseye can attack from up to 5 spaces away (ignoring zones).

Strategies and Tips


Bullseye may just be the best and most annoying ranged hero in Unmatched. His special ability allows him to attack anyone up to 5 spaces away, ignoring all zones. Your opponents will find avoiding his range challenging, and he will often be able to attack immediately from his starting space. He also has some sneaky tricks up his sleeve. This is balanced by his low health and lack of solid defense cards. The highest defense card in his deck is a value of 3, so if attacked frequently he will fall fast. Fortunately, in addition to his ability to help keep him out of harm’s way, he has various card effects that boost his movement. 

Primary Strengths

Insane attack range

Winning combat

Heroes with low movement

Primary Weaknesses

Low health

Low value defense cards

Heroes with card effects that help them close the distance (e.g. Bruce Lee, Buffy)

Tip #1: You're good, but I'm better!

Bullseye Youre Good But Im Better

The key to victory as Bullseye is to attack your opponent at a range that makes it hard for them to counter-attack. Since your opponents will be constantly trying to bring the fight into their range, Bullseye will need to rely on his card effects to keep his distance. 

Tactical Retreat is Bullseye’s only defense card. It has a value of 3 and an after-combat effect that lets you place Bullseye in a space that shares no zones with his current space. Whether your opponent is a melee or ranged hero, this will allow you to place Bullseye in a zone outside of your opponent’s range while staying within his own.

Master Strategist is a versatile card with a value of 3 that is another excellent option for defense. With this card, Bullseye can move exactly 4 spaces and through enemy fighters. This moves you out of range of the enemy while keeping them within yours. 

Finally, I want to discuss Right Between the Eyes. Normally this card’s effect does not seem worth it. It is a versatile card with a value of 3 that immediately forces your opponent to discard a card if you already won a combat this turn. If you find your opponent with a low card count in their hand it might be worth trying a specific strategy that is a little sneaky, a little dirty, and perfectly appropriate for a fighter such as bullseye:

  1. Find a way to end your turn in your opponent’s zone or next to them. Since Bullseye is actively avoiding this scenario, they may see this as an opportunity and get greedy. You want to bait them into double attacking you on their turn.
  2. For their first attack, defend with Arrogant but Effective. You need to be prepared to take a little damage here.
  3. For their second attack, defend with Right Between the Eyes. Since Arrogant but Effective has an effect that guarantees you win the combat, more info on this in tip #3, this will have them use up 3 cards on their turn, leaving them vulnerable to a devastating combo once your turn begins. 

The above strategy is a little sneaky, a little dirty, and perfectly appropriate for a character such as Bullseye.

Tip #2: I Never Miss!

Bullseye I Never Miss

Bullseye’s range makes him excellent at applying pressure to his opponents early and frequently, leaving them struggling to recover the entire game as the pressure continues to build.

I Planned to Be Here fills this role perfectly. It is an attack with a value of 2 that becomes a value of 5 during combat if you started your turn in your current space. Additionally, you have two cards that will help you string together powerful combos by granting you an extra action: For My Next Trick and Study the Target.

For My Next Trick is an attack with a value of 2 that lets you move Bullseye up to 1 space, draw 1 card, and gain 1 action after combat. This is an excellent card to play on your second action and follow up with cards like World’s Greatest Assassin and I Never Miss.

Study The Target is a scheme that lets you draw 2 cards; however, if you win a combat on the turn this card is used, you can draw 1 additional card and gain 1 action. This card draw is insane, giving you plenty of attack options for your additional action.

Bullseye can also apply pressure to enemy sidekicks with the card Ricochet. This versatile card has a value of 3 and lets you deal 1 damage to a fighter in the opposing fighter’s zone after combat so long as the opposing fighter was not defeated by this attack. Use this card against an enemy hero and let the extra damage take out their 1 hp sidekicks.

Tip #3: In Real LIfe... If He's Quick and Smart, and Nasty Enough -- The Bad Guy Wins!

Bullseye Winning

Bullseye’s aggressive play style requires him to win combat frequently. On the surface this seems unlikely since almost all of his cards have values of 2 and 3.

This is where Arrogant But Effective will come into play. This versatile card has a value of 2 and has an after-combat effect that makes it so you win the combat. There are 4 copies of this card in your deck, so take full advantage of this card and combo it with World’s Greatest Assassin, I’m Better and I’ll Prove It, and Study the Target.

World’s Greatest Assassin is an attack with a value of 4 that immediately ignores the value of your opponent’s card if you won combat. 

I’m Better and I’ll Prove It is a versatile card with a value of 2 that becomes a 6 during combat if you already won combat on the turn this card is used.

I Never Miss. is another effective way to win combat. This is an attack with a value of 3 that allows you to boost its value during combat. If you do not boost, draw a card. This card is a win-win scenario. If your opponent plays a defense with a value of 3 or higher, you can boost with a card like Right Between the Eyes that has a boost value of 3. Otherwise, drawing a card is never a bad thing unless you’re at exhaustion.

Final Thoughts

Bullseye is a menace. He can attack his opponents from almost anywhere on the map, and his card effects allow him to deal powerful attacks under the condition that he has already won combat on his turn. When his opponents finally make their way to him and attack, Bullseye is able to quickly slip away. Bullseye is a great hero for all Unmatched players regardless of skill level or understanding of the game. He has good matchups against some of the stronger heroes and is countered by some of the relatively weaker heroes, which makes his addition balance the game in unexpected ways.

Unmatched: Hell's Kitchen

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