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Moon Knight is the champion of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and first appeared in the Marvel comic Werewolf by Night #32 in August of 1975. While relatively niche, Moon Knight eventually became an Avenger and has made appearances in various Marvel media outside of the comics, such as the game Marvel Strike Force and LEGO Marvel Superheroes. In 2022, Moon Knight made his live-action debut in the self-titled Disney+ series Moon Knight, portrayed by Oscar Isaac

Left for dead, Marc Spector is revived by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu to serve as his Knight. Now known as Moon Knight, Marc spends his days seeking to redeem his life of violence by protecting the innocent. Marc Spector also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, manifesting an alter known as Steven Grant during his abusive childhood. Steven Grant also assumes the role of the moon’s knight while going by the name Mr. Knight. In Unmatched, Marc Spector shifts through the identities of Moon Knight, Khonshu, and Mr. Knight during combat.

Moon Knight is included in Unmatched: Redemption Row, where he battles against the bulletproof “Power Man” Luke Cage, and the scorned agent of the devil Ghost Rider.

moon knight card

Hero Stats

Health: 16 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 3

Special Ability:

Start the game as Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Special Ability: 

At the start of your turn, move up to 2 spaces. At the end of your turn, change to your next identity (Khonshu).


Special Ability:

Khonshu adds +2 to the value of his attack cards. He does not take damage from effects other than combat damage. At the end of your turn, change to your next identity (Mr. Knight). 

Mr. Knight

Special Ability:

Mr. Knight adds +1 to all his defense values. At the end of your turn, change to your next identity (Moon Knight).

Strategies and Tips

moon knight

Moon Knight is a unique hero that relies on managing his three rotating identities. Each identity gives different advantages: Moon Knight has extra movement, Khonshu has more attack power, and Mr. Knight is better at defense. You must plan ahead in order to take advantage of each identity. You will be piecing together this puzzle during your entire game, so it is important to be intentional with every identity change.

Primary Strengths

High movement, especially as Moon Knight

High attack value as Khonshu

Primary Weaknesses

Forced identity change

Low value defenses when not Mr. Knight

The following is insight into the mind of Moon Knight’s split personalities, and how to get them to work together as a team:

Identity: Moon Knight

moon knight moon knight

The Moon Knight identity can be seen as the “setup” phase of combat. He can move 2 spaces at the beginning of his turn without using an action which is excellent for closing short distances to your opponent. Essentially, Moon Knight can maneuver 5 spaces in a single action at the start of your turn without using a boost. Moon Knight’s identity is great for reaching elusive foes or retreating to recover.

If you choose to attack your opponent as Moon Knight, the following are your best options:

That’s Why I Always Win is an attack with a value of 3 that allows you to boost the attack during combat. If you choose to boost, your best option is the card Let Your Insanity Guide You.

I’m Not Real is an attack with a value of 3 that lets you switch to your next identity (Khonshu in this instance) after combat. This card is excellent when used as a first action, letting you swap to Khonshu for an even greater attack on your second action and ultimately leaving you as Mr. Knight once your turn ends for extra defense.

As Moon Knight, do not fear ending your turn next to Dracula or in Medusa’s zone, as you will shift to Khonshu after combat. His abilities are perfectly suited for dealing with such threats.

Identity: Khonshu


If Moon Knight is the setup, then Khonshu is the attack. His ability adds +2 to every attack he plays. While this is a great perk, you could argue that his second special ability is even more valuable. Khonshu cannot take damage outside of combat damage. This means that he cannot take damage from schemes, after combat effects, or special character abilities. This makes him very effective against characters like Medusa, Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, and The Invisible Man. Keep this in mind when setting up as Moon Knight.

When attacking as Khonshu, you will get the best value out of the following cards:

That’s The Part I Like is a versatile card with a value of 3 that lets you look at the top 3 cards of your opponent’s deck and discard one after combat if you won the combat. With Khonshu’s ability to give this card an attack value of 5, you are unlikely to lose the combat. Additionally, getting to see cards in your opponent’s deck gives you a significant advantage, which is especially true when you get to discard one of them.

A Totally Sane Thing to Do is a versatile card with a value of 2 that deals 2 damage to both fighters after combat. This card should never be used by anyone other than Khonshu. Not only does the attack value get boosted to 4, but the after-combat damage cannot affect Khonshu. This is best used offensively but can be used as a defensive tool to deal some surprise damage in a pinch.

Good Enough for Us is a versatile card with a value of 4 that allows you to draw 2 cards in exchange for 2 damage. As Khonshu, you negate the damaging effect, allowing you to draw 2 cards without any adverse side effects. While this is an excellent attacking option for Khonshu, the effect makes it a solid choice for defense when you have few options.

Identity: Mr. Knight

moon knight mr knight

Mr. Knight is the defense of this trio of personalities. His ability adds +1 to all his defense values, so switching to him at the end of your turn as Khonshu does not leave you as vulnerable to counter attacks. His strategy is simple, but with only one defense card in his deck you have to manage which versatile cards are worth using to defend with.

We’re All in This Together is a defense with a value of 3 that allows you to draw 1 card after combat if you won the combat. You are very likely to win combat with a value of 4, so the ability essentially replaces this card when played which is good for keeping your hand up.

Feint is a versatile card with a value of 2 that immediately cancels all the opponent’s card effects. Adding an extra point of value to this card is always a good thing.

Fist of Khonshu is a versatile card with a value of 3 that moves the opposing fighter up to 4 spaces if you win the combat. As Mr. Knight, a value 4 defense substantially increases your odds of winning combat, allowing you to maneuver your opponent into a more favorable position for you.

Past And Present Intermingle is a versatile card with a value of 2 that adds the boost value of the top card in your discard pile to this card’s value. Rarely will your opponent attack with a card that can cancel your card effects, so a base defensive value of 3 in addition to the free boost value makes this the best defense card in your deck.

The Perfect KNight

moon knight the perfect knight

The Perfect Knight is a turn where you go through all three identities. This was previously hinted at in the Moon Knight identity segment. To perform this move, you have to begin your turn as Moon Knight, and make sure you have these cards in hand:

  • Travelers of the Night (optional)
  • I’m Not Real
  • Good Enough For Us or A Totally Sane Thing To Do
  • Fist of Khonshu

From there, you can start this turn in one of two ways:

  1. Maneuver to your opponent using Moon Knight’s special ability.
  2. If you are not within range of your opponent, use the scheme card Travelers of the Night. This card allows you to move your fighter up to 4 spaces through opposing fighters and gain 1 action.

Once you have maneuvered to your opponent, attack with I’m Not Real. If this card is not canceled, it will allow you to change your identity to Khonshu.

On your next action, attack with Good Enough for Us or A Totally Sane Thing to Do. We recommend the former if you suspect that your opponent will try to cancel your card effects, but the second card will guarantee at least 2 points of damage.

At the end of your turn, you will switch to Mr. Knight. Fist of Khonshu will give you enough defensive value to tank a significant hit if your opponent decides to retaliate while also moving them away, keeping them from double attacking you on their turn. 

Final Thoughts

Balancing the three identities of Moon Knight is tricky, but it makes for amusing and engaging gameplay for anyone who plays him. Moon Knight’s bonus movement, attack value, and defense value will prove a difficult barrier for any opponent to break through if appropriately managed. These identities require forethought and planning however, so Moon Knight is best played by people who are already familiar with the mechanics of Unmatched. Regardless of your skill level, he will take a game or two before getting the hang of his gameplay.

We invite you to share your thoughts and questions by leaving a comment below. We love hearing from our readers and would be happy to help in any way we can!

Unmatched: Redemption Row

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