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The Wayward Sisters


The Wayward Sisters, also known as the Three Witches or the Weird Sisters, are three mysterious witches featured in William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth. They embody the supernatural and serve as agents of chaos and prophecy. Appearing in the opening scene, they set the tone of the play by fortelling Macbeth’s rise to power and subsequent downfall. Their cryptic and paradoxical prophecies play a crucial role in influencing Macbeth’s actions and fueling his ambitions, leading him down a path of murder and tyranny. The Wayward Sisters symbolize fate and destructive potential of unchecked ambition, and their presence underscores the themes of manipulation and the supernatural. In Unmatched, The Wayward Sisters cast spells to manipulate the battlefield and deceive their opponents.

The Wayward Sisters are included in Unmatched: Slings and Arrows

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Hero Stats

Health: 6 x3 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability: Bubbling Brew

Your cards go into your cauldron instead of your discard pile. After you attack, you may cast one spell that you have the ingredients for. If you do, discard all cards in your cauldron.

Strategies and Tips

the wayward sisters

The Wayward Sisters are a team of 3 heroes, each with 6 health. If something affects your “hero”, you get to choose which Sister it affects. This is a changed ruling that is a huge help for the Sisters and other heroes like them. Each Sister has low health, but their cauldron and list of spells offer incredible versatility when approaching combat. They can cast spells to heal, manipulate the positions of any fighter on the board, deal unblockable damage, and gain actions. With that said, properly planning spells and managing the cauldron without wasting ingredients can prove to be challenging.

Primary Strengths

High versatility and utility with the spells

High attack potential

High healing potential

Primary Weaknesses

Low health of each Sister

Available ingredients depend on the luck of the draw

They become significantly weaker when one or more is defeated

Tip #1: The Cauldron

wayward sisters the cauldron

The cauldron is the main gimmick of the Wayward Sisters, and to realize their true potential, the uses of the cauldron need to be understood.

To cast a spell from the cauldron, you must have the proper ingredients within. The ingredients are represented by 3 unique symbols that are printed on each card in their deck. The spells are as follows:

  • Snake + Bat: Draw 1 card. One of your fighters recovers 1 health.
  • Snake + Lizard Leg: Move any fighter up to 3 spaces.
  • Lizard Leg + Bat: Deal 1 damage to a fighter that shares a zone with any of your fighters.
  • All Three: Gain 1 action

These spells are incredibly diverse and useful for many different situations. It is hard to say which to prioritize because that will depend on the matchup as well as which cards you happen to have in your hand. 

The key is to see what ingredients you have available and play the cards that line up with the spells. When you cast a spell, all cards in the cauldron are discarded, so make sure you do not have too many cards in your cauldron at once. Having more cards in your cauldron than you need for a spell simply limits the number of spells you can cast per game.

Something Wicked This Way Comes is the only exception to the rule. This scheme allows you to cast any spell and then cast a different spell. You are not required to discard any cards from your cauldron to cast these spells, nor are you required to have the ingredients for these spells in your cauldron to cast them. There are two of these in your deck, so use them wisely.

Tip #2: Brewing Spells

wayward sisters spell

It may be tricky to have the exact ingredients needed in the cauldron when you are trying to cast a specific spell. The following cards can help manage this problem:

All-Seeing Familiar allows you to immediately return a card in your discard pile to your cauldron. If you win the combat, you can also look at the top of your deck and put it in your hand or cauldron after combat. This card is incredibly flexible and practically allows you to cast any spell you desire. Since you are allowed to use the card you attacked with as an ingredient, it sets you up to cast a spell even if your cauldron is empty at the start of this attack.

Curious Familiar allows you to return a card in your cauldron to your hand after combat. This is great for reusing specific cards that may be favorable in a particular matchup or keeping you from wasting an ingredient when you cast your next spell.

Tip #3: The Stars Align

wayward sisters stars

Casting spells are not the only versatile options The Wayward Sisters have at their disposal. Keep the following cards in mind while planning your spells:

Pricking of My Thumbs is one of the best defense cards in their deck. This card allows you to deal damage to the opposing fighter equal to the amount of combat damage you took. This card only has a value of 2, so it is great to use when an opponent is trying to finish off one of the Sisters at low health. If they are attacked with a value of 6, then the opposing fighter has to take a total of 4 damage. 

The Stars Align has a during combat effect that makes the value of the card equal to the number of different zones your fighters are in. The usage of this card really depends on what map you’re playing on and how many zones are available to be occupied. On Globe Theatre the value of this card could be as high as 6, but on other maps it could be lower. It is very important to utilize this card before one or more of the Sisters are defeated since it becomes weaker with the less zones you can occupy.

Unnatural Remedy immediately forces you to discard up to 3 cards from your Cauldron and for each one choose a fighter to recover 1 health. You can heal the same fighter more than once, so a good way to use this is to place a Sister with the lowest health far away from combat and use this card to defend one of the others so you can recover their health. Keep in mind that this doesn’t specify that it has to be one of your fighters, so you can heal allies in 2v2, co-op, or even heal an opponent if you feel so inclined. This is simply a great way to utilize extra cards in your cauldron that would just be discarded when you cast your next spell.

Ward is the best defense card in their deck. Even though it is versatile, you should always use it defensively. It allows you to place the opposing fighter in any space in your fighter’s zone after combat. This gives you an opening to approach ranged fighters or create distance between you and a pesky melee fighter.

Final Thoughts

The Wayward Sisters can be complicated heroes to play, but they are also among the most versatile. The spells that can be casted will mostly depend on what cards you draw, but the ingredients are spread out evenly enough where you will rarely be in a situation without the ability to use a specific one. Additionally, they have cards in their deck that do not rely on spells that can give them the upper hand in various situations. Their biggest flaw is being split into three fighters with low health totals, but by properly managing their positioning and playing the appropriate spells at the appropriate time, opponents will have a hard time defeating them.

Unmatched: Slings and Arrows

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