Ultimate Werewolf



Think you’ve mastered Ultimate Werewolf? Think again! Introducing the Ultimate Werewolf Pro expansion. For all you seasoned players out there craving a fresh twist, this one’s packed with over 50 new roles, a snazzy player item, and more rules tailored just for the pros like you. Remember, you’ll need the base or extreme edition to get started. So, rally your crew, and let’s spice things up a notch! Who’s up for the challenge?

ultimatewerewolf extreme pro

Bonus Roles Expansion includes:

  • Over 50 balanced roles
  • One new player item
    • Judge’s Gavel


List coming Soon

ultimatewerewolf back card
ultimatewerewolf auraseer guide


Information comming soon

Final Thoughts

Review coming soon

Ultimate Werewolf: Pro

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