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Feeling like your Ultimate Werewolf could use a fresh twist? Meet the Ultimate Werewolf Artifacts expansion! This isn’t just any old upgrade – imagine blending a dash of modern magic with age-old secrets. Along with your classic Werewolf role card, you’ll snag a special Artifact card, each bursting with its own power. Maybe it’s a crafty boost for you, or perhaps a surprise move for a fellow player. But here’s the catch: to dive into this whirlwind of fun, you’ll need the base or extreme edition of Ultimate Werewolf. So, gather the gang and see who’s got the strategy and savvy to come out on top!

ultimatewerewolf extreme artifacts

Bonus Roles Expansion includes:

  • 44 artifact cards
  • Rulebook


List coming Soon

ultimatewerewolf back card
ultimatewerewolf auraseer guide


Information comming soon

Final Thoughts

Review coming soon

Ultimate Werewolf: Artifacts

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