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Oda Nobunaga


Oda Nobunaga is one of the most influential figures in Japanese history and was truly ahead of his time as a leader and military strategist. He was the first to mobilize a professional army as opposed to commoners and farmers, and rewarded soldiers based on skill rather than family lineage. This helped him assemble the most skilled samurai and retainers in all of Japan. He also made strides to abolish road tariffs on shipped goods which brought much more wealth and prosperity. He overthrew the ruling shogun Ashikaga Yoshiaki, fostered free trade, reformed Japan’s civil government, and was an innovator of military tactics.

Oda Nobunaga is included in Unmatched: Sun’s Origin, where he battles against the legendary warrior Tomoe Gozen.

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Hero Stats

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Strategies and Tips

This page will continue to update as more information is revealed.

Final Thoughts

This page will continue to update as more information is revealed.

Unmatched: Sun's Origin

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