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Dr. Ellie Sattler is a paleobotanist and one of the experts personally chosen by John Hammond to visit and hopefully endorse Jurassic Park. Upon seeing the park, she was hesitant, voicing her opinion that many of the plants and animals chosen for the park were chosen because they were attractive, and not enough thought was put into how dangerous they would become if they felt threatened. Once the dinosaurs began escaping their enclosures, she used her quick wit to survive encounters with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and a pack of Velociraptors. In Unmatched, Dr. Sattler uses her intelligence and insight to plot the best strategy to survive and ultimately defeat all challenges placed before her.

Dr. Sattler is featured in Unmatched: Dr. Sattler vs. T. Rex

Dr Sattler card

Hero Stats

Health: 13 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

After Dr. Sattler or Dr. Malcolm move, place an insight token in their new space. You have 5 insight tokens.

Sidekick: Dr. Ian Malcolm

Health: 7 / Attack: Melee / x1

Strategies and Tips

Dr Sattler

Dr. Sattler is a hero who focuses on strategy. The key to her victory is placing her insight tokens in an ideal position for her to take advantage of later. Luckily you are able to place these on spaces that already are occupied with other tokens, such as Muldoon’s traps or Invisible Man’s fog. The insight tokens have no effect themselves, but many of your cards interact with them. When you remove insight tokens from the board, you return them to your supply and can place them on the board again in the future.

She doesn’t have high movement or health, but her insight tokens grant her many strategic possibilities. They can help her deal more damage, move around the map with more freedom, and even allow her to heal.

Primary Strengths

High amount of healing

High attack and defense options via card effects

High auto-damage via card effects

Primary Weaknesses

Low mobility

Card effects depend on you meeting certain conditions

Tip #1: Plan Ahead

Dr Sattler Plan Ahead

With Dr. Sattler, it is more important than ever to think and plan ahead, even taking cards you do not have in your hand yet into consideration. For this reason, it is very important that you familiarize yourself with her deck. Many of her card effects are affected by your insight tokens (which we will see more of in tip #3), so when you maneuver, think about where these tokens will be the most beneficial. There are also other nuances to plan for:

I Think We’re Back in Business is a versatile card with a value of 0 whose value becomes equal to the number of cards in your hand during combat. There are three of these cards in your deck, so even if this card is not in your hand at the time, it may be beneficial to build the highest hand possible for when this card does reveal itself.

Sexism in Survival Situations is a versatile card with a value of 1 that becomes a 4 during combat if the opposing fighter is a hero. After combat, you may move Dr. Sattler 1 space. This one does not require much planning, but it does allow you to create some distance and place more insight, so it is still important to keep in mind while planning your approach.

Hey! Hey! Hey! is a versatile card with a value of 3 that Dr. Sattler and Dr. Malcolm can use. After combat, this card allows you to move your other fighter up to 4 spaces. You can use this card to defend Dr. Malcolm, allowing you to place Dr. Sattler in an ideal position for your next turn and strategically place more insight. There is only one of these cards in your deck, so use it carefully.

Must Go Faster is a versatile card with a value of 3 that allows you to place Dr. Malcolm and Dr. Sattler in any space after combat. Other than escaping danger, the true value of this card is allowing you to place insight anywhere on the board. There is only one of these cards in your deck as well, so use it wisely.

Tip #2: The Mathematician

Dr Sattler Ian Malcolm

Dr. Malcolm only has 3 unique cards but they are all excellent for supporting Dr. Sattler:

Life Finds A Way is a versatile card with a value of 2 that forces your opponent to discard the top card of their deck after combat, and both of your fighters recover health equal to that card’s boost value. There are two of these in your deck, and depending on your opponent the boost value could be huge for healing.

Chaotician is a versatile card with a value of 2 that allows you to place an insight token in any space after combat. There is only 1 of these cards in your deck and is excellent for setting up traps or just covering more of the board in insight.

The Future Ex-Mrs. Malcolm is the only scheme card in your deck, and it allows you to draw 2 cards, place an insight token in Dr. Malcolm’s space, and gain 1 action. There is only 1 of these cards in your deck, but it is excellent for adding needed insight to the board and setting up your next attack.

Tip #3: Power of Insight

Dr Sattler Power of Insight

We have mentioned some aspects of Dr. Sattler’s insight, but now it is time to look at the true power her insight can grant you. A couple of cards in this deck require you to remove all insight tokens from the board. Let’s take a look at them:

You Never Had Control, that’s the Illusion is a Dr. Sattler only attack card with a value of 2. During combat the value of this card is increased by the number of insight tokens on the board, giving this card a maximum attack value of 7. This attack value is huge, and while it may seem like having to remove your insight tokens is a negative consequence, it can help you stay unpredictable and set up your next plan. As we have seen from the previous mentioned cards and her special ability, adding insight to the board is not difficult.

Woman Inherits the Earth is a Dr. Sattler only versatile card with a value of 2 that allows you to immediately draw 1 card and recover health equal to the number of insight tokens on the board. We recommend only using this card to defend so it isn’t canceled with a Feint. Depending on how much insight you have, you may only be able to recover the amount of health you take from the attack. Either way, it is best to consider this card a way to clear the board and start fresh with your insight, rather than a reliable way to heal. As we have seen, Dr. Malcolm has a more effective healing card he can use.

In tip #2 I mentioned how you can set traps with your insight. The best way to do this is by following up Chaotician or Must Go Faster with this next card.

Violently, If Necessary is a versatile card with a value of 3 that allows you to deal 2 damage to each opposing fighter on or adjacent to a space with an insight token after combat. Depending on your enemy’s placement you may not need to rely on a card to set this up, but if your opponent is actively avoiding your insight tokens then you have options.

Strategically placing your insight tokens is important for defense as well. The Concept of Attraction is a defense card with a value of 2 that allows you to place your fighter in any space with an insight token after combat. This is a great way to create distance, end enemy pressure, and give you time to recover when needed. There are three of these cards in your deck.

Final Thoughts

Dr. Sattler is a strategic hero whose playstyle revolves around knowing all cards in her deck and planning a few moves ahead before placing her insight and playing most of her cards. Her sidekick Dr. Malcolm has cards specific to him that are perfect for supporting Dr. Sattler, so it is equally important that he stays alive long enough to be of use to her. With the nuanced gameplay Dr. Sattler presents, we find her better used by more experienced players. Her complicated card effect conditions could prove too confusing for new players, but in the right hands she has the tools to compete with any hero in the game.

Unmatched: Dr. Sattler vs T.Rex

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