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Jill Trent


Jill Trent, a trailblazer among comic book heroines, made her debut in Fighting Yank #6 in 1943. Together with her partner and best friend Daisy Smythe, “The Science Sleuths” broke gender norms by showcasing their intelligence, resourcefulness, and bravery when confronting scientific challenges and solving mysteries. Jill embodied the progressive vibe of the Golden Age of Comics and paved the way for future strong, independent characters. Her character appeared in a few different comic series and adaptations but would never reach the popularity that would later be achieved by the heroines she inspired.

Jill Trent is included in Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

Jill Trent card

Hero Stats

Health: 13 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability: Gadgetology

At the start of your turn, activate one of your gadgets. Whenever Jill Trent attacks, resolve the active gadget’s effect.

Sidekick: Daisy

Health: 6 / Attack: Melee / x1

Gadget – Hypnoray Blaster

During Combat: If your card’s printed value is lower than your opponent’s, reveal the top card of your opponent’s deck. Increase the value of your attack by the BOOST value of the revealed card.

Gadget – Ultrabiotic Tonic

After Combat: If your card’s printed value is higher than your opponent’s, Jill Trent recovers 1 health.

Strategies and Tips

jill trent

Jill Trent stands out as one of the more versatile heroes in Unmatched. Her deck allows the player to handle a wide array of scenarios, the caveat being she doesn’t excel at any one thing. Her movement is average and her offensive and defensive options are decent, but proper utilization of her card effects together with her gadgets can more than make up the difference.

Primary Strengths


Card Draw

Can manipulate opponent’s deck

Primary Weaknesses

Requires more strategy than most heroes

Aggressive fighters with high value attack cards (Bigfoot, etc.)

Ranged fighters with high movement

Tip #1: Use Each Gadget Wisely

jill trent gadgets

At the beginning of each turn, you have to decide which of Jill’s gadgets to activate. This offers an opportunity to manipulate your opponent’s expectations. One option is to begin your turn with the Hypnoray Blaster if you plan to attack with a high-value attack card. While this means you will not benefit from the gadget’s ability, you may trick your opponent into defending with a lower-value defense card.

Alternatively, you can start your turn with the Ultrabionic Tonic if you plan to attack with a low-value attack card. The gadget’s ability could trick your opponent into defending with a high-value card, leaving one less good option for them to use against you later. In order for these tricks to work, you should aim to activate Jill’s gadget abilities more often than you plan to use them to trick your opponent. Make it so your opponent thinks they know exactly how you are going to play based on a specific gadget, and when they least expect it you can turn the tables.

Tip #2: Versatility

jill trent versatility

Jill Trent’s deck consists mainly of versatile cards, which suits her flexible playstyle. She doesn’t rely on a single strategy, as many of her cards are designed to adapt to various situations. Here are a couple of notable options:

  1. Stasis Diffuser: This card works well against opponents like Jekyll & Hyde and Dracula. Its effect ensures that your opponent’s card value remains unchanged from its printed value.
  2. Indestructible Cloth: This card protects your fighter from damage caused by effects other than combat damage, effectively nullifying damage from after combat card effects.

Arguably the most valuable card in Jill’s deck is Helpful Assistant. This scheme allows you to shuffle up to 3 Jill Trent cards from your discard pile back into your deck. While limited to cards only Jill can use, this provides you with more options to recover health, deal additional damage, and cancel opponent card effects. The decision on which cards to prioritize returning to your deck will depend on each matchup, but the overall advantage is increasing the likelihood of reaching exhaustion after your opponent.

Tip #3: Deduce Your Opponent's Strategy

jill trent deduction

I believe the key card for success when playing Jill Trent is Insightful Deduction. This card needs to be played as soon as you are able, and it should always be played defensively to avoid its effects from being canceled. This card not only grants you knowledge of your opponent’s next two draws but also lets you choose what the last card in their deck will be. The strategic placement of a card at the bottom of their deck could potentially disrupt your opponent’s entire game plan. Even with just two cards revealed, knowing even some of your opponent’s hand helps when setting up our gadgets. Jill’s deck contains two of these cards, so be sure to use the second one only after your opponent has drawn the two cards you placed on the top of their deck.

Final Thoughts

Jill Trent stands out as one of the most versatile heroes in Unmatched. While she doesn’t excel in any specific areas, she brings a toolkit that can handle a wide range of situations. Playing Jill demands a more dynamic, on-the-spot strategy compared to many other heroes in Unmatched. This might pose a bit of a challenge for newcomers, but the challenge brings a greater feeling of accomplishment in matches where you cleverly use her tools to outwit your opponents.

Unmatched Adventures: Tales to Amaze

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