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Written around the 8th century BC, the epic poem known as The Iliad tells the story of the last year of the Trojan war, if such a war existed. The themes of the poem include pride, faith, and wrath, all of which are exemplified in the warrior Achilles. The tales of Achilles and the Trojan war have been featured in many different adaptations over the years, most notably the 2004 film Troy.

The Greek poet Homer recounts the story from the perspective of Achilles, the greatest warrior in the world. Achilles had but one weakness, his heel. To grant him invulnerability, his mother dipped Achilles into the River Styx as a baby. She held him by his heel, making it the only vulnerable part of his body. Achilles won every battle during the Trojan war; however, while not depicted in the Iliad, other literature describe his death at the end of the war by Paris, who shot his heel with an arrow. In Unmatched, Achilles uses his relentless durability, strength, and skill to overwhelm all who dare oppose him.

Achilles is included in Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 2

Achilles card

Hero Stats

Health: 18 / Attack: Melee / Movement: 2

Special Ability

When Patroclus is defeated, discard 2 Random Cards.

While Patroclus is defeated, add +2 to the value of all Achille’s attacks, and draw 1 card when Achilles wins combat.

 Sidekick: Patroclus

Health: 6 / Attack: Melee / x1

Strategies and Tips


Achilles is an incredibly strong hero with a massive amount of health and a special ability that gives him unrivaled attack strength. The key to utilizing Achilles properly is planning when Patroclus falls in battle. Map choice is also very important for Achilles. He thrives in battlefields with tight layouts such as the Raptor Paddock. When playing on more spacious maps, positioning is vital. Try to find the central spot on the map so you can boost your maneuver and reach your elusive foes.

Primary Strengths

Massive health value

High damage output, especially after Patroclus is defeated

Primary Weaknesses

Reaches fatigue quickly

Ranged fighters and heroes with multiple sidekicks

Maps that make it easy for opponents to create distance

Tip #1: The Trojan Heroes

Achilles The Trojan Heroes

Your first instinct may be to sacrifice Patroclus immediately for the extra attack power it grants Achilles, but this would be a mistake. It is important to remember that this pair works great as a team. The card Brothers in Arms demonstrates this perfectly.

Brothers in Arms is an attack card with a value of 4 and an after-combat effect to gain 1 action so long as Patroclus is not defeated. This is arguably the best card in this deck and can set up powerful attack combinations.

Additionally, Achilles has the defense card Under Achilles’ Helm. This card has a value of 2 and allows Achilles to immediately swap places with Patroclus so long as he is not defeated. Not only does this card protect Achilles, but it also helps you work towards activating your special ability if your opponent is actively avoiding attacking Patroclus. This leads us to our next tip…

Tip #2: The Death of Patroclus

Achilles Death of Patroclus

Your opponent will likely be wary of Achilles’ special ability, making them hesitate to attack Patroclus for as long as possible. This can easily work to your advantage. It is important to remember that once Patroclus dies, you must discard two random cards. This can easily destroy any game plan you come up with and leave you defenseless if you are not prepared. Therefore, Patroclus must die on your terms. Thankfully, Patroclus excels at dealing harm to himself.

Battle Frenzy is a card you want to make sure you take full advantage of before Patroclus’ death. This attack card has a value of 3 and, after combat, deals 2 damage to both fighters in combat. If your opponent is actively avoiding attacking Patroclus, this is one way to trim down his health while also dealing additional damage to your opponent. 

The Day of Your Doom is an attack with a value of 3 that lets you deal 2 damage to Patroclus during combat if you choose. If you do so, the attack value is 5 instead.

These two cards, as well as Under Achilles’ Helm, are great ways to make use of and deal damage to Patroclus while either dealing extra damage to your opponent or protecting Achilles. Remember, you want Patroclus to die on your terms, that means you need to ensure that you have at least two expendable cards in your hand when he dies. Ideally two Patroclus only cards.

Tip #3: The Rage of Achilles

Achilles Rage of Achilles

With the extra boost in attack and additional card draw, your first instinct may be to jump on the offensive. While you should be aggressive in this stage of the game, it is also important to be smart about how you approach. Being too aggressive leaves you vulnerable to attack. 

Achilles’ Heel is a defense card with a value of 4 that Achilles has at his disposal. The value is huge for defense, but it comes at a cost. If you lose the combat, your opponent gains 1 action. This can be very punishing if used carelessly. 

With the +2 boost in attack, it is hard to want to save any versatile cards for defense. The attack value of Skirmish becomes a 6, Wily Fighting a 5, and even Feint becomes a 4. All are excellent options to attack with, especially Feint since it can now disrupt defense cards that rely on card effects; however, since Achilles’ Heel is the only other defensive option, be sure to save some for when you are in a pinch. 

Your most important card at this point in the game is Battle Hardened. This versatile card has a value of 2 and lets you choose a card in your discard pile and return it to your hand after combat. There are two of these cards in your deck, granting you two opportunities to recycle Feint if against Sinbad or Little Red, big value cards like Test for Weakness to force your opponent to defend multiple attacks in a turn, or you can infinitely cycle these cards back into your hand to attack or defend with. 

At this stage of the game Achilles hits hard with every attack with the drawback of going through his deck much faster, so you should be looking to end the game as soon as you can.

Final Thoughts

Achilles is an excellent addition to Unmatched. He is an incredibly powerful and resilient hero who still requires some planning as to not leave him in a vulnerable position. Proper map awareness and the strategic planning Patroclus’ death will make a huge difference in the success of this hero. With that said, we recommend Achilles to players of all skill levels. He is easy to pick up and understand, while still providing enough nuance and strategy to satisfy experienced players.

Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol 2

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